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What are the pros and cons of technology in the classroom?

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well it all depends on who isusing it, if they are fifth graders one con is that the might try to misuse it. But a pro is could help them allot in whatever they're doing.
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what is pros and cons and how to use technology managing work priorities commitments?

The pros for using technology in managing work priorities is having  applications and software that can make things more organized.  Using technology eliminates the need for

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Advantages of being first to market may include:   * Charging a price premium until competitors enter the market.  * Establishing your product as the brand leader in cus

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What are the pros and cons of goal line technology?

This question is very much open to opinion, but the pros are that the game is alot more fairer for both teams. "Cough (England in the world cup)". The negatives is that the ga