What are the pros and cons of technology in the classroom?

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well it all depends on who isusing it, if they are fifth graders one con is that the might try to misuse it. But a pro is could help them allot in whatever they're doing.
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Pros and cons of modern technology?

we don't know the full effects of modern medicine yet, however it does make life easier in many places. Also jobs a real man can never do are now possible.

What are the pros and cons of modern technology?

As is popularly said "Necessity is the mama of all inventions",welcome to the 21st Century! Here you will find that you no longerhave to dial a ten digit number to call someon

Medical technology pros cons?

Pros . The technology helps save lives. . The technology is cheaper than human labor. . The technology makes healthcare cheaper. . Building the technology creates jobs.

What are the pros and cons of technology on education?

One of the pros for technology on education is students can accesslearning tools from a variety of resources including international.Online learning allows for students to obt

Pros and cons of wireless technology?

Pros- wireless gives you more room to use the item, and u dont have to worry about the cords getting tangled and so on. Wireless also depending on the item, can run at a faste

Pros cons of science and technology?

Cons is that it can make life dangerous and complicated; Pro is that without it the max population (of people) is only a few million people: thus without science and techn

What are the pros and cons of first movers in technology?

Advantages of being first to market may include: . Charging a price premium until competitors enter the market. . Establishing your product as the brand leader in customers

What are some pros and cons of DNA technology?

The pros of DNA technology involves the ability to insertparticular traits in a species, production of artificial DNA,artificial production of important proteins and hormones,

Pros and cons of license technology?

Advantages of license technology include: increase in revenue andbrand recognition. Disadvantages include: more competition and lackof confidentiality for your technology.

What are the pros and cons for licensing technology?

Some of the pros of licensing technology are that the owner sharesin any technological improvements and receives technicalassistance. Cons include loss of control over the pro

Pros and cons of technology and prolonging life?

if everybody lives longer, the world's population will keep on growing unchecked, and there will be no room for new generations and their new ideas. There is likely to be host

What are the pros and cons of networking technology?

social networking technologies. pros: increased ability to network and communicate with a broad audience. cons: many including increased drama, unwanted disclosure of informat

Pros and Cons of Technology Integration?

The Pros and Cons of Integration are: Pros Transfer Speed -With integrated software, there is nosynchronization process since the solutions all share the samedatabase. Con