What are the sports in Ontario?

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Professional sports teams in Ontario include:
National Baseball Association
-Toronto Raptors

National Hockey League
-Toronto Maple Leafs
-Ottawa Senators

Major League Baseball
-Toronto Blue Jays

Canadian Football League
-Toronto Argonauts
-Hamilton Tiger-Cats

American Hockey League
-Toronto Marlies
-Hamilton Bulldogs

National Lacrosse League
-Toronto Rock

Major League Soccer
-Toronto FC

World Hockey Association
-Ottawa Civics

National Women's Hockey League
-Brampton Thunder
-Ottawa Raiders
-Oakville Ice
-Etobicoke Dolphins
-Mississauga Areos

Can-Am League
-Ottawa Rapids

Canadian Soccer League
-Toronto Croatia
-Oakville Blue Devils
-Border Stars
-London City (soccer club)
-North York Astros
-St. Catherines Wolves
-Toronto Supra Portuguese
-Italia Shooters
-Serbian White Eagles
-Brampton Stalions

Is there a Sports Authority Store in Ontario Canada?

THERE IS A SPORTS AUTHORITY IN ONTARIO, CANADA ..IN THORNHILL, ON: Phone: (905) 707-8544 1054 Centre St Thornhill, ON, L4J8E5 .411.ca/business/Ontario/Thornhill/S

How many sports teams does Ontario have?

they have a lot if you are counting little league teams, but they have 3 major teams. Toronto raptors, Toronto maple leafs and the Toronto blue jays

What is the main sport of Ontario Canada?

That is a very good ? im from Toronto Ont Canada and i would say the main sport in ONT is hockey in Ont it is played all year round. hope it answers your question

What food and sports team in Ontario?

I dont know about food, but sports teams are: . Hockey: Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, there are also many OHL and AHL teams such as the Toronto Marlies . Football: T
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What kind of sports do they play in Ontario?

In Ontario, they most,y play hockey. There's not much else to do when you're covered in ice. Except in Toronto. There , you mostly try to play sports, but since you can't win