What are totalitarian governments?

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A totalitarian government is one with absolute power over the economy, government, and society. This means elections, market policy, and religious or social policy will be fused directly to the state's wishes, thus giving the people no freedom at all.
This differs from the authoritarian model, where the government controls elections but does not intervene in the markets or attempt to disrupt the country's culture.

Mussolini's Italy was totalitarian like Stalin's Soviet Union, but Pinochet and Franco were authoritarians.
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What is a totalitarian government?

Answer 1 Totalitarianism is a term employed by some political scientists,especially those in the field of comparative politics, to describemodern regimes in which the state r

What is totalitarian government?

It is a form of government in which the leaders use complete power over nearly every aspect of human affairs. Authoritarianism and totalitarianism are alike because both are

Totalitarian government is?

A government that has total power over its citizens. usually one ruler but can be an oligarchy or just a group on meanies. like in Russia's communist government. NOt a democra

Countries with totalitarian government?

Some countries that have a totalitarian government are China, Cuba,Egypt, and Iran. North Korea and Saudi Arabia also havetotalitarian governments.

Why do people accept totalitarian government?

People often accept a totalitarian government for a number of reasons. Firstly, a nation can find itself under a totalitarian government incrementally. In these cases, a gov

Is Sudan under a totalitarian government?

Sudan has an authoritarian government in which all effective political power is in the hands of President Omar al-Bashir . Bashir and his party have controlled the government

What are the Merits and demerits of totalitarian government?

Merit: If the totalitarian government is benevolent and the people's need are being met the society can achieve spectacular and sublime results, i.e., the Pyramids of Egypt. I

What caused totalitarian government?

After the World Trade Centers fell and images of it were seen by everyone, the government got the necessary amount of patriotism/nationalism from the people to lead them into
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Is Vietnam a totalitarian government?

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What is totalitarian government-?

A Totalitarian government is one in which the states controlseverything in society. This includes public and private life of itscitizens.