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What are ways that the abuser and abusee can make the relationship work after confronting the abuse?

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If the abuse continues - you cannot make the relationship work. Answer You both need to get counseling, separate and together. If the abuse doesn't stop, you need to get out of the relationship. It will probably be a long hard "journey", but if you are both willing to work on it, you will make it through. Answer "What are ways that the abuser and abusee can make the relationship work after confronting the abuse?" Open & Honest discussion.
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Can a person be both an 'abuser' and an 'abusee'?

Note: Further stories and testimonials should be placed in the discussion section below. Of course they can. Consider narcissists, for instance: Narcissists attract abuse.

Why do women stay in abusive relationship?

Here are some of the most common reasons. 1. Because they fear what will happen if or when they leave theabusive other. 2. Because they believe that in time that person will

What is abusive relationship?

  An abusive relationship has a broad meaning, it could be physical, mental, or emotional. And it can be all three. Physical abuse is when someone hits you and it is visab

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How do you confront a parent who has emotionally abused you?

Answer It is very difficult to confront these issues when the person responsible is not ready to do or cannot do so or plain shys away from it. I also understand the differen

What are 5 reasons which make women to be victims of abusive relationships?

First reason is women fall subject to love, they believe what they hear even when they know it's not true Women are fighters and they try to hold on to so much that sometime

Why would someone be abusive in a relationship?

sometimes a person might feel like their partener is slipping away or they don't want anyone else to be with their partner so they might be abusive because thhey don't want to

How do you fix an abusive relationship?

Well this is a difficult question because it is difficult to break the cycle of violence/abuse. Usually, the abuser was abused themselves or grew up around abuse. They may t

Should you confront your abuser?

NO. Never confront an abuser especially one who has demonstrated a violent history. Never argue with her or disagree. Agree with him until he calms down. The only safe way out

What is an abusive relationship?

  Answer   Mental abuse is when someone is calling you names, putting you down, you can never do anything right, they constantly argue with you or they don't give you

How do I confront my daughter's abusive boyfriend?

  I mean no offense, but it surprises me that you need advice from others on this. If your daughter is living with you at home it is simply a matter of presenting him [the

Does simply having a my-way-or-the-highway attitude make you an abuser?

  Answer   That is a very classic attitude of the abuser. He/She thinks the relationship will be on my terms. They think that they will decide when you are happy and

What makes an abuser an abuser?

Answer   There are many kinds and types of abusers. It is impossible to define a single pathogenesis (origin and development of the pathological conduct). Culture and soc

How do you know if you are in an abusive relationship or if you are depressed and that makes you think irrationally?

Hello I try to stay close to people who are healthy (mrenatlly and emoninally and spirtually) and are growing themselves...like a recovery group of some type and a good 12 s

How do you make a good relationship free from the bad memories of a past abusive relationship?

here's my personal quote for which i live by "yesterday is gone and today starts a new life for which you control, if you wake up thinking about wrongs of yesterday you have

Why do abusive relationships exist?

It exist because the person being hurt stays in the relationship thinking the abuser will stop. Face reality this person has issues and they will not just up and change. I wou

How do you Confronting abuse?

Abuse comes in many ways; it can be both emotional and psychological. As a victim dealing with abuse, the best way is to set boundaries and realize you alone cannot change the