What assets or money can be taken from us if a judgment has been made against us to collect unpaid rent for a business we had to close?

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It depends on the details. If the business was incorporated and the judgment was against the corporation the creditor can only take business property and assets. If you owned the business as individuals then a judgment creditor can take any of your assets to satisfy the judgment: bank accounts, vehicles, boats, equipment, real property, etc.
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Is compensation for an injury considered an asset that can be taken in a judgment against the person who received it?

Answer . \nIt depends, some states have laws that protect funds garnered from a personal injury award from attachment/seizure by creditors. If the judgment concerns a lawsu

What can you do if there is a judgment against you from a collection agency?

Answer . \nUnless the judgment can be proved to be faulty the debtor has little choice but to try to protect as much personal and real property as is possible. All states h

What action can be taken if a debt collection agency sued you and default judgment was passed for an unpaid debt if you are temporarily out of the country for a 1 year assignment?

A motion or application for an order vacating or setting aside the judgment may be made if service of the complaint had not been made properly. Before a judgment can be entere

If a judgment has been filed against you what can they do legally to collect the debt?

Answer . Depends on what state you are in. Some states allow a creditor to garnish your wages or take the funds from your bank account. Of course, the creditor would have

Should a constable serve a certified letter to a tenant that a judgment has been made against in the hope of collecting money owed which the courts have made the decision to garnish his wages?

A constable cannot serve a certified letter. Certified letters are from the US Postal Service, while a constable is a court employee used to help execute on judgments. Some co

Can you remove unpaid judgment against you after pay the money?

The person to whom you owe the money would need to file a document with the courts notifying them the judgment was satisfied. I would then suggest that you keep copies of thes
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How can a landlord collect unpaid rent?

The landlord's tacit hypothec -- It is an action that gives the landlord security for rent money that has not been paid. If the tenant has not paid the rent ,his goods are sol
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What if I don't have any assets and I have a judgment against me?

The judgment continues to sit on your credit report. In some cases, the person or company that was awarded the judgment on you can file paperwork to have your wages garnished
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Can a business that is closed still try and collect money owed?

Usually when a business closes it still has some assets, including accounts receivable (i.e.: money which it is owed), and those assets will be acquired by somebody. So the bu
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When a case is closed and the only money collected is less than the amount of judgment what happens?

Return to the court and request a judgment lien. It can be recorded in the land records and any real property owned by the defendant cannot be mortgaged or sold until the lien