What became of the Guarantee Bank and Trust Company of Atlantic City around in the 1950s?

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In around 1980 it was bought by First Jersey National Bank (Jersey City), and GB was then known as "First Jersey South". In 1987 FJ was bought by National Westminster Bank (London), one of the largest banks in the world. In 1994 NatWest sold NatWestUSA to Fleet Bank (Boston). Fleet has since been sold to Bank of America, and as of the writing of this answer (2008) the old Guarantee Bank branches are Bof A branches.
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What is the value of a 1929 twenty dollar bill signed by first national bank and trust company in Oklahoma city?

There is no exact answer to this question as it depends on thecondition of the paper money. One thing is certain, in order to beworth more than $20, it must be from Oklahoma City and if it hasthe serial number with a star will be worth more.

How to you calculate bank guarantee amount?

To calculate the bank guarantee amount the amount of deposit in thebank account is usually considered.

What is bank guarantee?

Bank guarantee means that the bank opens a written certificate to the beneficiary at the consignor's request. As the guarantor, bank has the responsibilities to handle the debt or obligations instead of the consignor. The rights and obligations of both parties would be prescribed by the contract.

How much is a twenty dollar bill worth 1929 the city national bank and trust company of battlecreek Michigan?

See the link below. . There is a category specifically for coins and currency that makes it a lot easier to find questions about, well, coins and currency. "States and Cities" is barely related. .

Does National City Bank do Medallion signature guarantee?

Yes. Smaller banks can only provide Sig Guarantee Medallions up to $250,000. The larger commercial banks can do them for more. National City is one that will do this IF you are an existing customer. If you aren't, be prepared to open a checking/savings account. They will need to see a valid drivers's license, Social Security #.

Can a bank give bank guarantee to another bank?

A Bank-guarantee is a Banking Instrument through which a Bank indemnifies the client against any default committed by the supplier against a contract. A bank can give BG to another bank on behalf of a client of the beneficiary bank. Secondly, a Bank can give BG to a beneficiary on behalf of another Bank. For example, suppose a client in USA does not accept a BG from an Indian Bank. What will the Indian supplier do then if he doesnt have an account in a reputed foreign bank. In such a case, the client will approach an Indian Bank for the BG. The Indian Bank will then approach a reputed foreign bank for the counter BG. The foreign Bank will issue a BG in favour of the client on behalf of the Indian Bank. Alternatively, the foreign bank, instead of issuing a BG, can stand guarantee to the BG issued by the Indian Bank to the client in USA.

Where is Atlantic City?

Atlantic City ("AC") is a city located in southern New Jersey, in Atlantic county. It's approximately 65 south east of Philadelphia and 120 miles south of New York City.. To get to AC from Philadelphia, take the Atlantic City Expressway. From New York, take The Garden State Parkway. If driving, Atlantic City is pretty much right in the middle of New York City to the north and Washington D.C. to the south.

Is standard bank and trust company solvent?

Yes. Standard Bank is a well-capitalized financial institution. Their conservative business practices have lead to steady and secure growth over the past 60 years.

What is performance bank guarantee?

The seller issues a Performance Guarantee to ensure or give concrete commitment to the buyer through its bank. This method ensures the buyer the timely execution of an agreement to have the goods exported or delivered or services performed. In case the seller defaults on execution of the terms agreed upon the Performance Bank Guarantee ensures the buyer the payment of the guarantee amount by the issuing bank. Generally the performance guarantee is 10 percent of the total assignment or project value.

Bank guarantee types?

Types of guarantees Due to their flexibility bank guarantees can be utilised to cover many kinds of risks in addition to those mentioned below. For more details please contact us. Tender Guarantees/Bid Bonds . Often called for in support of contract tenders, particularly in international trade situations. . Provides the beneficiary with a financial remedy if the applicant fails to fulfil any of the tender conditions. . Normally submitted with the other documents called for in the invitation to tender and remain valid during the period of tender, plus a grace period to allow the beneficiary to make demand. Performance Bonds . Most common form of guarantee, used in a variety of situations. . Normally required at the time of commencement of the contract and will extend over the duration of the contract, plus a grace period to allow the beneficiary to make demand in the event of non-performance of the obligations covered by the guarantee. Advance Payment Guarantees . Used where the applicant calls for the provision of a sum of money at an early stage of the contract. The beneficiary can recover the amount paid in advance, or a part thereof, if the applicant fails to fulfil their underlying contractual obligations. . May provide for pro rata reductions to the guarantee amount on presentation of certain documents or on a specified date or dates. . Duration will depend on the underlying contract, but many run up to the anticipated date of the final delivery, plus a grace period to allow the beneficiary to make demand in the event of non-performance of the obligations covered by the guarantee. Retention Money Guarantees . Contracts may allow the beneficiary to retain a proportion of the contract value once substantial completion of the contract has taken place and the beneficiary may be prepared to release this retention money to the applicant against the presentation of a guarantee. . Duration of the guarantee depends on the underlying contract terms and may extend for a period after completion of the contract. Payment/Trade Debt Guarantee . Often used to cover the non-payment of a debt(s) arising under a transaction or over a period of time. . Provides financial security to the beneficiary should the applicant fail to make payment for the goods or services supplied. Such guarantees will invariably run up to the final scheduled date of payment, plus a grace period to allow the beneficiary to make demand in the event of non-payment. Court Guarantee . Given to a party involved in legal proceedings, to secure the payment of costs should these be awarded against the applicant as part of the judgment. . Normally valid until a final judgment has been made and will not quote a specific expiry date. VAT Bonds/Duty Deferment Bonds . Provided to HM Customs and Excise and allows the applicant to import goods from outside of the EU without the immediate payment of duty/tax, which is then settled on a monthly basis by Direct Debit. . Liability under the guarantee is 200% of the face value and remains valid until HM Customs confirm to HSBC Bank that no liability is outstanding, following the giving of a notice termination. . HM Customs provide their own paperwork for this type of guarantee. Loan Note Guarantee . Provided to secure the payment of loan notes or other commercial paper, in cases of company take overs/buyouts. . Normally valid for a number of years, depending on the terms of the company sale agreement. Facility Guarantee . Enables an applicant to secure banking facilities for a subsidiary/associate company, or personal account, in other countries. Civil Aviation Authority and Association of British Travel Agents Bonds . Required by applicants in the travel industry to enable participation in the ATOL and ABTA schemes, which offer holiday protection to travellers. . Valid for 18 months, normally renewable every year; to allow for an annual licence plus a six month grace period for claims if the licence is revoked or not renewed. . Various guarantee formats are available from both authorities.

If the River Forest State Bank and Trust Company is still in business?

The bank as such no longer exists but underwent a merger, per the June 30, 1996 Regulatory Report of the State of Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate. According to the report, "Merger of River Forest State Bank and Trust Company (state-chartered bank), Lincoln National Bank (national banking association) and Commercial National Bank of Chicago (national banking association) with and into Aetna Bank, N.A. (national banking association) with the name CORUS Bank, N.A.

What is bank guarantee and types of guarantees?

Tender Guarantee (also called Bid Bond) . This is usually issued for an amount equal to between 1 and 2 percent of the contract value. It gives the employer compensation for additional costs if the party submitting the tender does not take up the contract and it must be awarded to another party.. Performance Guarantee . Normally issued for an amount equal to between 5 and 10 percent of the contact value, this guarantee assures payment to the employer in the event that the contractor fails to fulfil contract obligations.. Advance Payment Guarantee . This enables the employer to get a refund of advance payments made in the event of default by the contractor. It is issued for the full amount of the advance payment, but may contain reduction clauses, which enable a reduction in the maximum amount upon evidence of progressive performance.. Retention Money Guarantee . Most major projects call for stage payments as work progresses. Often the employer retains a percentage of the payment (retention money), as cover for any hidden defects in the completed work. A retention money guarantee allows for immediate release of retention money to the contractor. The employer can get a refund of retention money released, in the event of default by the contractor.. Payment Guarantee . This is used as security for payment obligations. It is also referred to as a Standby Letter of Credit.. Facility Guarantee . This is normally not trade related. Its purpose is to provide security to another bank to advance money to an individual or company. It is often used when a company does not have any credit record and wishes to expand offshore.. Maintenance Guarantee . This ensures that the contactor does not abandon the contract after completion of the construction phase, but continues to honour any maintenance obligations as per the original agreement.. Customs Guarantee . Contractors often need to import equipment temporarily to carry out a contract. Import duty would normally be payable, but the customs authorities will grant exemption if the contractor undertakes to re-export the equipment on completion of the contract. The contractor then has to provide the customs authority with this guarantee, which prevents the contractor from selling the goods instead of re-exporting them.. Shipping Guarantee . This enables the buyer to obtain release of the goods from the carrier, despite the bills of lading being lost or delayed.

What is the difference between a corporate guarantee and a bank guarantee?

A Bank guarantee is given by the bank on behalf of it's customer (applicant) to the beneficiary of the bank, that in case of non happening of the particular event which is being covered by that particular guarantee, the bank ( guarantor) will pay the beneficiary an amount, which is mentioned in the guarantee, provided the beneficiary submit the claim under the guarantee in the agreed format and within agreed time. The claim ( compensation) under the bank guarantee will be financial in nature. A corporate guarantee is a guarantee given by the corporate to cover their own exposure or exposure of some other related entity, to the bank. It will also be financial in nature and banks derive an additional comfort from such guarantees when they do their lending to particular borrower.

What is swift code for West Trust Bank in Guatemala City Guatemala?

A SWIFT code should contain 8 or 11 characters. The SWIFT code forWest Trust Bank in Guatemala City is OCICGTGCXXX.

Fresh cut Bank guarantee?

"Street brokers" use to give particular names to bank guarantees - BG- When they refer to a BG recently issued, they call it "fresh cut" if the BG was issued some time ago and the maturity date is approaching, they call them seasoned. Usually everything is fake because Banks can only issue Bank guarantees following instructions of its Client who must have cash money on deposit as collateral for the BG that will be issued. Intermediaries often confuse BG with Letters of Credit and both with Medium Term Notes.

Which companies business credit no guarantee?

Most creditors will require a personal guarantee before extendingbusiness credit to reduce risk; however, there are ways to avoidhaving to provide a personal guarantee. Establishing a businesscredit history, having a long history of doing business, anddemonstrating sufficient cash flow are all ways that can allow abusiness to avoid providing a personal guarantee.

Why do banks require guarantee?

They want to know that they will get the money that they are owed back. Too many people today fail to pay back loans for a variety of reasons, some even narcissistic. Banks are becoming more conscience of this and requiring more down payments, higher interest and more guarantees. If you loaned money you would wannt to make sure you got money back, wouldn't you?

Why is it necessary for bank to have a guarantee?

If the bank is a lender, so he will need a guarantee to minimize the borrower's risk.

What is the difference between Bank guarantee and Counter guarantee?

A bank guarantee is a guarantee issued by the bank to the beneficiary that the bank will make payment in case the bank's customer does not make payment to the beneficiary or in case of non-performance of an obligation or contract. A counter guarantee is a guarantee taken by the bank from the bank's customer which ensures that the bank's customer is liable for any expenses including costs of attorney, any interest on delayed payment, taxes and other levies in case of invocation of the bank guarantee. It is a sort of security for the bank. It is always a good practice for a bank to take counter guarantee from its customer.

What are the journal entry for bank guarantees?

At the time of issuance of BG Dr : Constituent's Liability for BGs issued Cr : Acceptance, Endorsement & Other Obligations - Bank Guarantees and at the time of cancellation / closure of BG from the books Dr : Acceptance, Endorsement & Other Obligations - Bank Guarantees Cr : Constituent's Liability for BGs issued

How many types of Bank Guarantee?

we have 6 types of bank guarantee issued to the debtor promissing to pay on the set time to the beneficiary

What is Bank Guarantee slightly seasoned?

The terms "Seasoned Bank Guarantee" and "Slightly Seasoned Bank Guarantee" are phrases used by scammers to convince people who are not knowledgeable about the banking business to pay to join some internet trading scheme where banking instruments are supposedly traded. The terms Fresh Cut Bank Guarantee, Fresh Cut Bank Notes and MTN are other terms used in this scam. These are not terms used in the legitimate banking industry. . Trading of banking instruments is highly regulated. These regulations state that persons who make the trades of financial instruments must have a license to do so. A novice in finance would not have the knowledge to pass the licensing exam nor would that person have the knowledge to understand the markets for financial instruments. . See: . http:/www.crimes-of-persuasion.com/Crimes/InPerson/MajorPerson/prime_bank.htm

Bank Guarantee vs Performance Bond Guarantee?

If the bank issues a guarantee, the contractual arrangement between the parties is trilateral, whereby the bank undertakes a secondary obligation to guarantee that B will perform its contractual obligations to A. Therefore, any defences available to B are also available to the bank, and A must prove that B has invalidly failed to perform its contractual obligations. In such a case, depending on the nature of the guarantee, A can have recourse against the bank: (a) in damages, for a breach of the bank's obligation to ensure B's performance; or (b) requiring it to step into B's shoes and pay the amount owed by B on the satisfaction of any notice or demand requirements contained in the guarantee. To the contrary, when the bank issues a performance bond, there are two independent bilateral arrangements in place: one between A and B, and the other between A and the bank. By virtue of the performance bond, the bank is obliged to pay A the secured amount if certain notice/demand conditions are satisfied, irrespective of whether any payment is due from B to A under the primary contractual arrangement. Therefore, whether a given transaction involves a guarantee or a performance bond depends on the relative bargaining strengths of the parties, and the difference assumes great significance in cases where there is a dispute between A and B as to the existence of the primary payment obligation. It was one such case which was recently considered by the English High Court in Wuhan Guoyu v Emporiki Bank of Greece [2012] EWHC 1715 (Comm).

What is the shipping guarantee and what is the risk to issue bank guarantee?

Shipping guarantee coming to place where the original documents relating to a shipment is not arrived to the importer's hand to clear the goods from customs.

Who bought George P Cullen Construction Company in Chicago around 1950?

This was actually Norman George Cullen's company. He was my grandfather, but he died in 1938 when my mom was just 16 years old. (Since I was born in the 50's, I never met him, unfortunately.) My grandmother, Alpha Holman Cullen, kept the company going for some years after she was widowed. She ended up selling it some years after her son, my Uncle Norman (Norman, junior), moved his young family to the gulf coast of Florida in the 1940's to start another construction company there. I am uncertain about who bought the company, but if I should learn about this, I will come back here and post the information. Though this doesn't answer your question, you may find the additional information of interest.

What is fresh cut Bank Guarantee?

A fresh cut bank guarantee can be coverage on many different thingsoffered through that bank. This could cover your checking account,savings account, CD's, and other types of accounts.

How can a bank guarantee be discounted?

A bank guarantee is issued by a bank to perform a task or to repay a loan by a borrower. It can be discounted when it is offered by the payee or last endorsee and the bank will pay and collect the amount from the drawer.

Can a credit card company put a lien on a revocable trust bank account in Arizona?

Yes if they obtain a judgment they can enforce it upon the estate. Since the trust may be altered at any time until the grantor's death, it is considered part of the grantor's and is estate subject to be taxed as well.

What is the phone number of deutsche bank national trust company in Pittsburgh pa?

The only number they will release is a # in Anahiem CA whichhandles all properties in the US. (714) 247-6000

What is Composite Bank Guarantee?

A composite bank guarantee is when a lending institution agrees tosettle a debt if it is not paid. When the debtor fails to pay, thebank covers it.

Who is the agent for service of process for deutsche bank national trust company?

DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST CO . Address: 1761 E SAINT ANDREW PL, SANTA ANA, CA 92705-4934 | view map . Telephone: (714) 247-6000 This is insufficient since a registered agent has to be an actual person. I am still looking for the actual person who is the registered agent for Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, and if I find it, I will return here and post it.

Do banks lease bank guarantees?

No, Basically banks don't lease Bank Guarantees.You have to hire a leasing company.You have to pay a % and transfer the money to an escrow account.After the guarantee reaches to your bank you can refer to your escrow to clear the amount.

What is bank guarantee facility?

A bank guarantee facility is an agreement. It allows people torelieve any liquidity requirements that they have with limited andunlimited guarantees.

Who are the parties involved in bank guarantee?

Guarantor \n– The Bank who gives the guarantee \n\n \n\n Applicant \n– The Company on whose behalf the guarantee is given \n\n \n\n Beneficiary \n– The Company on whose favor guarantee is given

Is Security bank in Kansas City Kansas a Medallion guaranteed bank?

Well, the situation of security has gone frombad to worse, so the stores, malls and homes are the prime targetsas they have valuables and they are not well-guarded during alltimes of the day. Kansas City aims to provide the bestsurveillance systems to the people of Kansas. There are manycompanies at Kansas that offers best security systems.

What became of the Commercial Trust Company of New Jersey?

I believe the correct chronology of mergers for The Commercial Trust Company of New Jersey is as follows: It was acquired by United Jersey Bank which later acquired Summit Bank and changed its name to Summit. Finally, Summit was acquired by Bank of America. I used to work for The Commercial Trust Company of NJ at the Jackson Ave and Woodlawn Ave branch from mid 1964 to the end of 1968.

Can the bank letter of guarantee be transferable?

I received a letter of guarantee from a bank in 2005 informing meof my liability as i went guarantour for my son in a business whichwas wound up.I never received an invoice or demand for payment.Myson lost his home and another partner ,lost some properties heowned to pay the debt.The bank have not contacted me to say that iam no longer liable.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bank guarantee?

\n\n\n Economical: bank guarantees are quite cost-saving as compared with bank loans . \n\n\n Safe: reduction of risks inherent in transaction \n\n\n. \n\n\n .

Who is agent for service of process of Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas?

Deutsche Bank Trust COmpany Americas is regsitered in the State ofDelaware, and its registered agent for service of process isCorporation Trust Company with an address 1209 Orange Street,Wilmington, DE 19801. Check the DE Department of State Divsion ofCorporations.

How and when does Namibia became a trust territory?

United Nations trust territories were the successors of the remaining League of Nations mandates and came into being when the League of Nations ceased to exist in 1946. All of the trust territories were administered through the UN Trusteeship Council. The one territory not turned over was South-West Africa, which South Africa insisted remained under the League of Nations Mandate, and which eventually gained independence in 1990 as Namibia. The main objection was that the trust territory guidelines required that the lands be prepared for independence and majority rule.

How do you audit bank guarantees?

Bank guarantees given by the entity can be verified as follows, 1) Authorisation for the bank guarantees entered by the entity. This can be verified through copies maintained by the entity. 2) We can request for bank confirmation containing the details of bank guarantees entered by the entity with that particular bank. 3) For the gurantees entered for the benefit of its subsidiaries / associates, we can verify the details of the same with statutory register maintained under section 372A of Companies Act,1956

What is a bank guarantee with cash margin?

A bank guarantee is given to the customer to perform specificactions of a contract. When there is a cash margin involved, themoney will be returned to the customer once the original bankguarantee is completed.

What kind of check is guaranteed by a bank?

While personal checks and money orders are not guarranteed by banks, a cashiers check is. A cashiers check is written by a financial institution/bank on its own funds. The check is then signed by a representative of the financial institution/bank and made payable to a third-party. A cashier's check is secured, with the funds being guaranteed, because the amount of the check must first be deposited by the individual into the issuing institution's own account. The person or business to whom the check is made out will receive the funds no matter what.

What is the difference between First Bank and Trust Company and most other well known banks?

First Bank and Trust Company set themselves apart from other banks because they focus on being a small-town bank with traditional values. They provide their customers with hot coffee and they pride themselves on treating their customers as they would treat a friend.

How can you get bank guarantee to do a business?

We have a direct genuine provider for BG/ SBLC specifically forlease, at leasing price of 6+2 of face value, Issuance by HSBCLondon/Hong Kong or any other AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle Eastor USA. Contact: Modhaljafri Ayub EMAIL: modhaljafriayub@yahoo.com

In what year was the Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company founded?

The Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company was founded in 1936 in Glenview, Illinois. They serve individuals and families in forty-nine states and the District of Columbia.

Which company guarantees a great return?

There are many savings companies that guarantee a great return on investment. Some of these include Wells Fargo, Prudential, Capital One, Wachovia, and Chase.

How many locations does the Happy State Bank and Trust Company have?

The Happy State Bank and Trust Company has 31 locations throughout the State of Texas, serving the following 21 communities: Amarillo, Borger, Canadian, Canyon, Dallas, Dalhart, Dumas, Floydada, Happy, Hereford, Higgins, Lockney, Lubbock, Olton, Pampa, Panhandle, Plainview, Silverton, Stratford, Sunray, and Texline.

When have the bank to pay a guarantee?

depends on the wording, usually there has to be a message sent tothe bank that the guarantee case is active and payment is demanded.There are so many different bank guarantees (rent payment, courtcase payment, bail, loan repayment, damages, contract, performance,clean straight payment....) that only a very general answer can begiven here

What services does the Branch Banking and Trust Company offer?

The Branch Banking and Trust Company offers the following services ; Accounting Firms, Broker- Dealers, Business Incubators and Accelerators, CIK Number, Company 401 k Plans, Credit Card Processing, Executives, Financial Advisors, Forex Brokers.They offer also the next services; Investment Advisors, Investment Banks, Investors On-line Brokers, On-line Brokers, Private Equity, Registered Agents, Venture Capital Firms.