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Italian, as the national language of Italy, traces its origins to the interaction between the ancient languages of the Italian peninsula and the ancient Latin of the ancient Roman conquerors. So the people of Italy have a long history of knowing a language common to all of the peninsula's peoples, and a language that has strong local meanings and roots. This historical difference between what is spoken in public and what is spoken at home and locally still is seen today in dialectical Italian. For example, some of the local dialects of northwestern Italy have pronunciations and sayings in common with French, Italian Swiss, and Monegasque ways of speaking. But regardless of the emotional and historic importance of Italy's many local and regional dialects, there always is an advantage to knowing the standard, national Italian language. As an example, there are many words that are similar enough in the major Romance languages that the attentive speaker of one gets by in them all. Additionally, it tends to be easier on the speaker of Italian to understand the Latin of the Church and of the classical writings, and vice versa.
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Is Italian a dead language?

Nope, it is alive and well, spoken by millions of Italians everyday.

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it was first found in text in the 12th century but other writing that were the buildng blocks of the language were found in the year 960 so its old xD

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What is the Italian language?

Italian is a great language! I am half Italian and half Portuguese and I love both of them! Let me tell Italians loveeeeeeeeeeeeee food!!!!! Christmas eve is always a big thin