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What can you do if a death claim is denied because the company found out that the insured was HIV positive but the insured did not know?

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Denial of Claim Then you have a good argument to get the claim paid. For more info see http://www.steveshorr.com/wrong.or.imcopmplet.info..htm
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Can the insurance company deny a claim after an injury investigation?

There may be exceptions, but under most policies you are covered as long as your son had your permission to drive the car. At one time there was an amendment on my policy st

How can you appeal after a car insurance company has denied your claim?

In Virginia (and in most, if not all, states) there is an insurance bureau (http://www.scc.virginia.gov/division/boi/) to which you can file a complaint if you feel your clai

For what reasons can an auto insurance company deny a claim?

An auto insurance company can deny your claim if you haven't had your license for at least 18 months. or if the car has been sitting up (not running) for a while. they will ne

What reasons can a life insurance company use to deny a claim?

  Answer     If it is beyond the 1st two years, nothing short of dying while commiting a felony. They will deny the claim if the insured did not die! They will

Insurance company is investigating death life insurance claim?

Within the 2 year contestibility period they usually do and have the right. Generally after that period of time a clean death certificate is usually adequate. It is also rou

What prohibits an insurance company from denying a claim?

Nothing prohibits an insurance company from denying a claim. An insurance policy is a legal contract binding on both parties. One party agrees to certain obligations such as t

How do insurance companies know of your death?

A family member or the agent needs to inform the insurance company if a beneficiary deceased; They will mail a claim package to the insured family, and a copy of the death cer

What are 3 reasons a claim could be denied by an insurance company?

A claim can be denied for a number of reasons, but three examples  are"    1. The policy was not in force at the time of the loss. This can  occur if the policy never

How do you sue Insurance company for deny claim?

Being going for legal tussle, it's better to approach InsuranceOmbudsman under whose jurisdiction your Insurance Co. falls withall papers/documents. However, their verdict wil