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What can you do to clear up green water in your pool if your chemicals are good but do not work?

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Try 24 hr filter cycle and more chlorine. And clean the filter frequently.
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How do you get the iron out of your pool water if the water is yellow and won't clear up?

To get iron out of the water you are going to need professional help!!!!! Go to the nearest swimming pool store with a sample of the pool water. Make sure you explain to them

How do you clear up green pool water when the pH and alkalinity are in balance?

Answer   Alage, Alage, Alage, you need to control it, and once you do your pool will be sparkling clean   Response to this ridiculously useless answer: First of all, i

How do I clear a murky green pool?

  Shock the pool and ad a good quality algaecide scrub the walls and floor with a pool broom then vacuum the sludge on the bottom to waste the next day or so.

Your pool water is clear but the pool is green?

If your pool water is clear and there is no algae on the bottom I would suggest testing the pool water for metals. Sometimes the prescence of copper will give your pool a gree

How do we get the water to clear up after filling the pool with well water that is full of iron rust?

  You should have used an iron sequestering agent if you were aware of the iron in the water. Filtering 24/7 until you have run the entire body of water thru the filter at

How do you clear up the water in your pool?

Keep the chlorine level consistently above 2 PPM and maintain the PH at 7.2. Keep your filter on constantly and back wash it as necessary until the water is clear. After that

If the water in your pool turned green can you still swim in it until it is cleared up?

The water turned green probably due to algae growth. The algae grew due to a lack of santizer (chlorine or other). While the alage was growing, other bacteria or organisms pro

How do you clear up muddy water in the pool?

1273 miles away and we have the same problem!!! how bizarre is that? I just bought 'SUPER FLOC OUT' for our pool...we had a major mudslide one stormy night (even running the

How do you clear up the water in a swimming pool when it is green caused by too much metal in the water?

Answer . You need to add a metal sequestering agent or chealating agent. Do not use copper based algecides as they will only add to the metal problem. A: What the above an

Why do you have brown colored pool water and how do you clear it up?

Our pool was brown when we first opened it this year, I guess the tarp fell from being too heavy with water, and all the leaves and dirt sitting on it fell in! A complete mess