What can you do your seventeen year old son lives with his dad he wants to live me when your son told the judge that his dad hit him and lied in court the judge said that was no big deal?

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your son is of a age where he can decide to live with you unless a care order while 18 is on him
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Can your 16-year-old girlfriend move in with you if her parents hit her and her dad lives in Spain and she doesn't want to live with him?

Answer . That is difficult, it depends on\n. Where you are in the world\n. How old you are\n. What her mother says about all this\n. \nShe is probably within her rights t

What are your rights when you have full physical custody and your son wants to go live with his dad?

Your minor son does not get to decide who has custody over him. If you consent to let him live with his dad part of the time or all of the time, it's best to draw up a new cus

Can I move to Texas to live with my Dad I am his thirteen year old son living in Tennessee with my Mom?

This depends on which state has jurisdiction. In Texas you have the option after age 12, but not in any other state. And even in Texas, it has to be approved by the courts.

Can your 12 year old son live his dad?

If the parents are married, but separated, than the mother has no greater claim to the child than the father. If she's single, with no court orders, than no, under all circum

Can an my 18 year old son get welfare cash and how will it affect me as I am on Supplemental Security Income and food stamps and medical and he wants to move from dads to live with me?

He will not qualify for AFDC payments (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) since he is over the legal age limit. Since he is not the head of his own family/household, unl

Can a 16 year old son of divorced parents living with dad go out of the country without the consent of the mom?

It seriously depends on if you have legal custody. If you do not, and it is strictly a verbal agreement, then if she chooses to report you, you could be held in contempt of co