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What car model is the microgard oil filter gl34631 used for?

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Who makes microgard oil filters?

Purolator makes Microgard oil filters. They changed makers a few months ago. If you get a re-labeld box(one with a sticker on the box), it's a purolator. If you get onethat l

What cars use ST3614 oil filter?

Your best bet is to go to the FRAM web site. I know that Dodge, Toyota and Datsun all use them so the list is long.

What vehicle does the microgard mgl2 oil filter go to?

11/24/2012: I just purchased 2 MicroGard MGL2 Oil Filters from O'Reilly Auto Parts in San Carlos, CA. I told the sales prep I needed oil filters for both my 2000 Ford Expediti

What does a microgard gl20195 oil filter fit?

The GL20195 cross references to a WIX 51516 Short Answer for Principal Application: Ford/Lincoln/Mercury (81-09), Chrysler/Jeep/Mitsubishi (02-09), Mazda Trucks (94-10),

Does is matter what oil filter you use in your car?

Yes, use a quality filter such as Purolator, Wix, Bosch, Motorcraft, or AC/Delco

What car uses a valvoline oil filter?

Valvoline filters are made for almost every vehicle. Of course Valvoline does not make filters. The filters are made by Purolator for Valvoline and there name is placed on the