What causes a side by side general electric refrigerator to freeze on the refrigerator side?

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Try thoroughly defrosting it. If the self-defrost isn't working properly the ice could build up in the freezer side, moisture could freeze into the insulation, pass the frost through the wall and freeze the refrigerator side. It could also just be the control knob.

My GE has two sliding controls upper back of fridge interior with diagram of which way to move them to control either side. Freezer should be set for 0 degrees (with thermometer, and it may take a couple of hours for it to readjust itself)

Meanwhile find the fridge control and cut it to a more warmer setting. Then later use your thermo to check the fridge side and readjust it until you get maybe 34-35 degrees all the time. If you can't find those adjustments look online for your Model and download an owners manual.
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