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What causes antifreeze to come out the overflow?

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when your engine is hot it causes the water to boil and the water and the anti freeze will come out of the overflow pipe.
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What would be the cause of the carburetor filling up with fuel and coming out of all overflows?

The floats sticking in the open position in the fuel reservoir. Possible, but this linkage almost never distorts. Another possibility is a pinhole in the float, especially if

What causes antifreeze to come out of your valve cover gasket?

You have a blown head gasket. Remove the heads and replace the gaskets. Also have the heads inspected for cracks.

Can you add Antifreeze to the overflow tank?

  Yes you can. When the car reaches a certain temperature it will suck it out. As a matter or fact most newer model cars they tell you to add it there.

What would cause a 1998 Cadillac catera to overheat and water come out the overflow after replacing the radiator?

  I have owned my 97 Catera for many years. I have learned everything bad about this series of Cadillac and there are many. One of the biggest problems with this car is ov

What causes coolant to boil and overflow?

Engine coolant temperature is cooled by the radiator, moved by a water pump and controlled by a thermostat. If there are troubles with any of those components the coolant will

Will anything happen if you put too much antifreeze into the overflow?

  Answer   The hot water (which expands, by the way) has no place to go, so either the cap will blow possibly causing steam burns, or it will drain out onto the groun

Will filling up overflow tank on Honda crv with antifreeze be okay?

Uncertain what is being asked. Yes, you can add anti-freeze to the cooling system in this manner, but not to add any more than just a small amount. If you need to introduce e