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What causes knots of various sizes on the head and body a dime-sized rash on the entire body and hoarseness in the voice?

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Possible Allergic Reaction It could be you are allergic to something. Go see your Doctor and/or an Allergist.
Knots on the head and dime-sized rash on the body sounds exactly like hives, or urticaria.

Hoarseness of the voice could be due to laryngeal swelling, another symptom of allergic reaction. It is advisable to seek medical treatment for medication to take care of the hives, though over-the-counter Benadry (diphenhydramine HCl) has been known to help, as has over the counter Claritin. By far the number one thing people are allergic to is Penicillin and its derivatives. Other common allergies include nuts, shellfish, other medications, bee/wasp/fire ant stings, and more. Sometimes the body can react to stress by an allergic reaction as well. It is advisable to seek out medical advice to figure out what you might be allergic to.
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