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What causes low water pressure from a deep well to a sprinkler system but not to the house?

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More than likely it is the size of the (supply) pipe from the pump to the system. If you have a larger supply going to the house and less demand (one facuet on vs. 4 sprinkler heads on) the presure will be greater in the house. If you increase the size of the supply to the system it will help. Just remember presure and volume work in concert with each other. GOOD LUCK!

ANS 2 - Systems like this always work better if the well pipe goes directly to the pressure tank. At the tank outlet you have two pipes, one to house, one to irrigation. A larger tank than normal is necessary too, at least a 100 gal tank, operating at 50-80 psi is desirable.
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How the water sprinkler fire system works?

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What would cause low water pressure from a well pump?

low velocity of water from the source ANS 2 - There can be a number of causes and you don't give enough data for an informative answer. First of all, most people mistake tank

What would cause low water pressure from a deep well tank?

It sounds like you do need to put air in your tank. Look here for a fairly clear description of the process: gremcoinc.com The exact process will depend on your system. N

How would you fix a low water pressure problem in a plumbing system that comes from a well has copper piping and a high iron content?

The pressure can be adjusted at the pump. You may need to replace the inlet to the home with 3/4 inch water line. If you have 1/2 inch line and a high iron content, the pipes

Can air in lines cause low water pressure?

YES AND NO NO air can not cause low pressure because pressure will equal out no matter the amount of air or the amount of water in a pipe system if the temperature is the same

What causes low water pressure or low water volume?

Strange residential water pressure problems are far more common  today than they were years ago. Part of the dilemma has to do with  the internal design of many modern fauce

What causes low water pressure in the house?

There may be a number of causes. First, check your PRV and see if you can adjust it to higher pressure. This is usually easy and may solve your problem. If new construction ha

With a newer well system what would cause loss of water pressure which can be corrected by flipping the breaker switch?

Answer   It's possible that you need to adjust the amount of air pressure in the pressure tank.check the tank with a tire pressure gauge.The pressure should be set to the

Why does low air pressure causes water to boil away?

The molecules of water have some energy, and are thus in motion continually. By (statistical) chance, some individual molecules will have a greater energy than their fellows