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What causes lower back pain on left side and swelling in lower abdomin with slight pain on left side of belly button?

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If it hurts more with bending and twisting, it is most likely muscle-related. It it hurts when someone pushes on your abdomen, but not when you bend or twist, then it is more apt to be internal. There are hernias that can cause a bulging in the area you indicate, but I doubt that a hernia in the front-side of your abdomen would be a cause of back pain, unless you have more than one thing going on... If this continues, or begins to get worse, then I strongly suggest you be seen by your family doctor for possible Xrays, etc and surgical referral...
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What would cause upper back pain right side along with lower back pain and left leg pain?

It's not spinal stenosis - stenosis does not cause that type of pain, though it can lead to other problems that can cause it. In addition to stenosis, disk problems for over 2

Painful lump on left side lower back?

  Some years ago I had a lump on the right side of my lower back--I didn't even know when it first appeared--one day it was just there! Even though it was painless I went

Had pains in lower left side and pinching sharp pains in womb form 6dpo on and off but 9dpo the pain is in belly button area is this implantation?

This type of pain can because by many different factors: 1. Ovulation. One of the symptoms of ovulation is a pinching pain on the side of the abdomen. this would be the most

What could cause lower back pain and swelling on left side of neck?

This may be due to extresive excersises. If you have been stretching a lot lately, you may have been overworking your muscles, try taking it easy next time you're working out.

What causes pain in lower left side below ribs?

There can be a number of reasons for pain in lower left side below  ribs. The most common reasons are: Heartburn or acid reflux, spleen  irritation, gas in the colon, costoc

What causes left side sharp lower back pain?

  If the pain is stabbing and intense, and radiates, it's consistent with nerve compression pain caused by either a bulging disk or a disk that's fully herniated. If the p

What would cure lower left side back pain?

try stretching the pelvis: lie on your back bring the front of your leg (quad) up towards you using your hands cross fingered and placed behind your knee. bring it gently

What is the smptoms pain lower the left side ribs and will move to back side?

There are many causes of pain on the left side of ribs: oesaphagitis and reflux, pancreatitis and stomach ulcers, angina and heart disease, chest infections, shingles, fibrosi

What causes left side pain and lower back pain?

Anything going on in the left side, is always a good reason for concern that where your heart is. If its sharp pain, located front & center in your chest, or takes your breath

What can cause back pain on lower left side along with pain in left leg?

If the pain is sharp, and traces down the left side of the spine to the lower back, across the waist and hip, across the top of the thigh and down the inner knee, the problem