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What causes lower back pain on left side and swelling in lower abdomin with slight pain on left side of belly button?

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If it hurts more with bending and twisting, it is most likely muscle-related. It it hurts when someone pushes on your abdomen, but not when you bend or twist, then it is more apt to be internal. There are hernias that can cause a bulging in the area you indicate, but I doubt that a hernia in the front-side of your abdomen would be a cause of back pain, unless you have more than one thing going on... If this continues, or begins to get worse, then I strongly suggest you be seen by your family doctor for possible Xrays, etc and surgical referral...
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What causes left side sharp lower back pain?

  If the pain is stabbing and intense, and radiates, it's consistent with nerve compression pain caused by either a bulging disk or a disk that's fully herniated. If the p

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  If the pain is sharp and off-center a bit from the middle of the back around the waistline, you could have mild disk herniation pressing on a nerve. This kind of pain ty

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Pain in the lower left quadrant of the abdomen could be diverticular disease, constipation, or colon polyps or tumors. For females it could signal cysts on left ovary, mid-cyc

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Check in with a local chiropractor. They will give you great therapy exercises to work on. If pain is severe enough, you may need to look into getting an x-ray or elecrotherap

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try stretching the pelvis: lie on your back bring the front of your leg (quad) up towards you using your hands cross fingered and placed behind your knee. bring it gently

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  Unless you have any other symptoms: gas. It could also be an ectopic pregnancy (it cannot be ruled out through physical findings); if you are in your first trimester esp

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Anything going on in the left side, is always a good reason for concern that where your heart is. If its sharp pain, located front & center in your chest, or takes your breath
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You get back pain caused by stress. if you are going through tough times in your family , at work or school ,etc..... It is likely being centered there and is putting stress i

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Either muscle pull due to coughing from bronchitis or irritation of outer layer of lung (pleura) due to infection/bronchitis. Take Motrin and see if it improves. If not - and