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What causes sharp middle back pain while breathing in?

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If it is a burning sensation in your back while you are breathing in, then it is most likely pnemonia, get to the doctor, most probably treatable by antibiotics.
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What causes left side sharp lower back pain?

  If the pain is stabbing and intense, and radiates, it's consistent with nerve compression pain caused by either a bulging disk or a disk that's fully herniated. If the p

What will cause sharp pains in the chest?

Hello there are several reasons for this but number one is heart problems. But wait you can also have a asthma attack and have pain in the chest to , and last but not least a

Does an abscessed tooth affect your breathing at all or cause back pains of any kind?

  Answer     Abscesses of the teeth occur because the tooth has become non vital, ie it has died from either a traumatic accident or decay or a leaky filling with

What would cause sharp rib pain and sharp shoulder pain every time i breathe in?

Answer   Some possibilities - although not exhaustive - are a lung infection, broken bones, and a subluxation in your back...a chiropractor can advise on and fix the latt

What causes pain on chest arms back while coughing?

The main cause of pain in the chest, arms, and back while coughing is muscle fatigue. These muscles are not typically used and will quickly tire through coughing.

What causes Pain that hurts in middle right chest with deep breath?

I had that, so bad that I couldn't sleep or breath right. I think, but am not 100% sure, it was a pulled muscle in the chest for torn muscle, and when the lung inhales it push