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What century did the Scientific Revolution take place?

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1700-1804 ending with the death of Immanuel Kant
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Where did the American Revolution take place?

The first military actions took place in Massachusetts, in 1775. The British were driven out of Boston in 1776. The conflict then shifted to New York; the Americans scored som

When did the French Revolution take place?

  The French Revolution is a misleading term. There have been at least 23 French Revolutions. The first one started on 14th July 1789 when the starving people of Paris att

Why did the American Revolution take place?

  Answer   England set prices/taxes on products shipped to the colonies so high that the colonists could not afford them. The effort to become an independent nation

When did green revolution take place?

Between 1943 and the mid 1970's. It was an Agrarian Revolution that increased industrialized agriculture in India and other developing countries.

Why didn't the American Revolution take place until the late eighteenth century?

Because, during most of the period when the colonies were being founded and growing, England wasn't actually doing too much to try to govern them. England was months away by s