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What century did the Scientific Revolution take place?

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1700-1804 ending with the death of Immanuel Kant
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How did the Agricultural Revolution help the Industrial Revolution take place?

  It increased migration to the cities.      It freed many people from agricultural labor.    it gave people more money to spend on manufactured goods 

What century did the Council of Trent take place?

ANSWER: The Council of Trent took place in the mid-16th century,  specifically between the years 1545 and 1563 in Trento and Bologna,  northern Italy.

Where did the first Industrial Revolution take place?

Britain was the first site of the industrial revolution. Britain  became the workshop of the world through the Enclosure movement,  Textiles, Better Transportation, canals,

When did the Russian Revolution take place?

The Russian Revolution was actually three revolutions. The first was in 1905, but it did not accomplish much aside from the creation of the weak Russian Parliament called the

Why didn't the American Revolution take place until the late eighteenth century?

Because, during most of the period when the colonies were being founded and growing, England wasn't actually doing too much to try to govern them. England was months away by s