What did Sukarno do for Indonesia?

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Soekarno is one of Indonesia founding father together with Mohammad Hatta. He was first president of Indonesia.
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Sino si achmed sukarno?

Sukarno is an Indonesian nationalist who was arrested and freed again during to second world war. He soon became the president of Indonesia. yeah sorry that's all I know

How old is Sukarno?

Sukarno was born on June 6, 1901 and died on June 21, 1970. Sukarno would have been 69 years old at the time of death or 114 years old today.
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Where is Joko Sukarno Tjandra?

There is no information found on a person or place by the name of Joko Sukarno Tjandra. There is a person found by the name of Djoko Tjandra and another by the name of Joko So