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William Ellery of Newport, RI. (1727-1820) Born and Died in Newport.
Started one of the first Stamp Act riots in Newport, RI. (1765)
He and his family maintained the Newport, RI Liberty Tree from 1766.
He served as a Rhode Island congressman at the Second Continental Congress. (1776-1786)
He signed the Declaration of Independence. (1776)
He helped create and sign the Articles of Confederation the first American Constitution. (1781)
He served on the Marine Committee and the Board of Admiralty, the congressional bodies that directed naval officers such as John Paul Jones. (1776-1780)
He was on the committee that accepted the Peace of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War. (1783)
He seconded the first motion ever presented in congress to end slavery in America. (1785) The motion was made in a subcommittee by Rufus King of Massachusetts.
He helped to shape the policy of western states development in debating freedom of religion and educational issues in the Northwest Ordnance. (1785)
He created at least 5 travel diaries describing his dangerous journeys between New England and Pennsylvania. (1776-1779).
He knew and worked for the first 5 presidents of the United States as Customs Collector for the port of Newport, RI. (1790-1820). His first boss was Alexander Hamilton (1790-1794).
As a Federalist and friend and longtime supporter of then President Washington, he fought vigorously for Rhode Island's acceptance of the 1787 Constitution and the eventual admission of RI as the 13th state in May 1790.
John Parrillo, Ph.D.
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