What did William Ellery do in the Revolutionary War?

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William Ellery of Newport, RI. (1727-1820) Born and Died in Newport.
Started one of the first Stamp Act riots in Newport, RI. (1765)
He and his family maintained the Newport, RI Liberty Tree from 1766.
He served as a Rhode Island congressman at the Second Continental Congress. (1776-1786)
He signed the Declaration of Independence. (1776)
He helped create and sign the Articles of Confederation the first American Constitution. (1781)
He served on the Marine Committee and the Board of Admiralty, the congressional bodies that directed naval officers such as John Paul Jones. (1776-1780)
He was on the committee that accepted the Peace of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War. (1783)
He seconded the first motion ever presented in congress to end slavery in America. (1785) The motion was made in a subcommittee by Rufus King of Massachusetts.
He helped to shape the policy of western states development in debating freedom of religion and educational issues in the Northwest Ordnance. (1785)
He created at least 5 travel diaries describing his dangerous journeys between New England and Pennsylvania. (1776-1779).
He knew and worked for the first 5 presidents of the United States as Customs Collector for the port of Newport, RI. (1790-1820). His first boss was Alexander Hamilton (1790-1794).
As a Federalist and friend and longtime supporter of then President Washington, he fought vigorously for Rhode Island's acceptance of the 1787 Constitution and the eventual admission of RI as the 13th state in May 1790.
John Parrillo, Ph.D.
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Who was in the Revolutionary War?

The American colonies, Britain, and France The Revolutionary War was a thing, not a person. If you would like to know who was IN the Revolutionary War, go to www.google.com/ig and type the soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

What was the Revolutionary War?

It was the war between American colonist and there home country England(at the time) it last from1775 through 1783 the colonist were mad about all the taxes they have been given The revolutionary war was the war Colonists fought against British. The colonists did not want the taxes and rules Britain (MORE)

Why did the colonist fight the Revolutionary War?

They fought because they were tired of being alienated as English citizens and they did not like being under the rule of a king who was at so much fault. They even went to cite the grievances of the king in the Declaration of Independence. Taxation without representation was a reason, but it was not (MORE)

What did William Pitt do in the American Revolutionary war?

Answer: William Pitt was born at Hayes near Bromley, Kent on 28th May 1759. He suffered from poor health and was educated at home. His father, William Pitt , Earl of Chatham, was the former M.P. for Old Sarum and one of the most important politicians of the period. The Earl of Chatham was determ (MORE)

What did the Revolutionary War do?

I am a fifth grader at Silver Sage Elementary. We have studied the Revolutionary War. This war is the war that gave us our freedom from the British.

How revolutionary was the American Revolutionary war?

The American Revolution was incredibly revolutionary! Think about it. Democracy had not been used in thousands of years and not in the American form. If not for the war, the French Revolution and numerous others revolutions would not have occured. The U.S. would not be its own country - let alone (MORE)

Why did we have a Revolutionary War?

We (Americans) had a revolutionary war because of we were tired of being pretty much pushed arounded and roled by Great Britain. This war was vital to our countries history, without this war, who knows. We could still be run by England or another country. One thing is for sure, if we didn't have thi (MORE)

Why did we have the Revolutionary War?

The colonist of England were wanting to be be granted freedom to build their own county. Although England was the most powerful country with military, the colonist wanted freedom. Another reason why the revolutionary war came to be was because the colonist felt that they were being controlled by the (MORE)

What did William howe do in the Revolutionary War?

-William Howe was a general in the Revolutionary War. - He first started out as a regular army officer, but rose up to Commander-in-Chief. -While he was a general he made two major mistakes. 1.While fighting George Washington's troops, he retreated to Philadelphia and brought back Hessians to f (MORE)

What was William Ellery's role in the Revolutionary War?

While William Ellery didn't fight in the Revolutionary War, hiscontributions to the independence of the country were great. Heserved as a clerk of the Rhode Island General Assembly, and was amember of the Sons of Liberty. He was a delegate to the FirstContinental Congress, and a signer of the Declar (MORE)

Why were American successful in Revolutionary War?

The Americans declared independence in 1776 and immediately got the support of the French, who provided them with weapons, ammunition and supplies. Early 1778 the French entered the war themselves, evening the strength between the Americans and the English. Within the next two years, Spain and the D (MORE)

Why was William Gipson a Revolutionary War hero?

William Gipson is known as a Revolutionary war hero. He was asoldier from South Carolina. Gipson wrote an account of thespiketing method of torture he witnessed the Patriots performing ona Tory.

Why was the war called the revolutionary war?

It wasn't just called that it was also called the American Revolution and the Independence War or switch around the War of Independence. it was called the Revolutionary War because we wouldn't be here today without the history behind us. the war was history and we revovled. not caveman or women revo (MORE)

What is the Revolutionary War?

A war between the Americans and British in 1775-1783.\n. \nThe Colonists were fighting for freedom on the new world(America).\n. \nThe Colonists (America) won the war by having a good leader, hope, and a defensive method to keep their troops alive.. It is the war that that had the 13 colonies gai (MORE)

What were the war crimes in Revolutionary War?

well, towards the end of the war, lots of men who were going against Europe, also know as Patriots, became beasts. they began to steal cows from local houses as they were traveling and cut the meat up behind the house. a lot of men also made sure that their friends would get in trouble instead of th (MORE)

What was the Revolutionary War for?

Revolutions seek fundamental change. Sometimes such change is not in the best interest of those involved and there can be unintended consequences that arise as a result of such change.

Why was there the Revolutionary War?

The United States had its revolutionary war to gain it independance from Great Britain after a series of injust and unlawfull Rulles were put in place for the thirteen colonies. The laws were called by the patriots the Intollerable Acts.

Why was the Revolutionary War called revolutionary?

The American War for Independence is often called a "revolution"(or, said to be "revolutionary") precisely because it was, bydefinition, just that. As an overthrow by diplomatic and militarymeans of the established government, the American cause, thoughdeemed to be just and necessary by those suppor (MORE)

When was the Revolutionary War?

The first battle of the war was at Lexington-Concord on April 19,1775 . The last battle was the Battle atYorktown which ended with the surrender of Cornwallis on Oct. 19,1783.

What was Revolutionary War about?

The revolutionary war was a war between the colonists and Britain. The colonists were fighting for freedom, and Britain was trying to stop them from getting that freedom and independence.

Were you in the Revolutionary War?

no, obviously i wasn't, nobody living was in the revolutionary war since it took place from 1775-1783 so if someone was they would be ATLEAST 229 years old, therefore unable to live and deceased.

Which Revolutionary War hero was William Clark's brother?

That would be George Rogers Clark, born in Albemarle County, VA just like his brother in 1752. He was known as a hero for raiding British outpost south and west of Detroit. He also captured Kaskaskia on the Mississippi and Vincennes on the Wabash, securing American claims to the Northwest. He also l (MORE)

What did William Dawes do in the American Revolutionary War?

He went with Paul revere and Samuel Prescott to warn the American patriotic leaders of an upcoming British attack, he was captured in the night along with Paul Revere while Prescott escaped and went on to Lexington and Concord to warn John Hancock and Sam Adams etc.

What war was fought after the Revolutionary War?

There was a war between the American and the Canadian forces, when the the USA tried to invade Canada. While the US Army was in Canada, the British attacked New York, and burned it down. This was in 1812. However, in 1814, the Regular Army prevailed against the British army under the command of Gene (MORE)

Who declared war in the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War was NOT a declared war. It was a war of rebellion against the crown (Britain). Legally, the signers of the Declaration could've been executed had they lost the rebellion; as Franklin said when he signed it, "...well at least we'll all hang together."

What did francis Lewis do in the Revolutionary War?

He was over 60 when he signed the Declaration of Independence andso did not fight in the war. The British burned his house in Quennsand help his wiofe captive. His son , Morgan, fought in the war andlater became governor of NY.

What is one result of the Revolutionary War?

people died!!!!! IMPROVED ANSWER: One of the main results is that the American Colonists worked and sacrificed all to be free and independent from England. If you really want something that is worth having, then, you are willing to fight for it and possibly even die for it.

What were the war stratagies for the Revolutionary War?

The British adopted a strategy of trying to take specific strategic points, forcing the Americans out of hiding and into fighting battles in the open. Washington and his lieutenants avoided this tactic, instead choosing a policy of strategic retreat (abandoning the battlefield if it looked like the (MORE)

Why did the Revolutionary War have to be settled in war?

the continental congress 1 and 2 tried to make peace with Britain and asked for independace politely several times but king george the 3 ignored them.Britain didnit want peace. they made the colonists do what they wanted them to do. the colonists had no choice but to fight for their independance.

Is war in Revolutionary War capitalized?

Yes, it is *capitalized because although they are two separate words, they are both the name of a war. The name of the war is a proper noun. Therefore, it is capitalized.

Did William Johnson serve in the Revolutionary War?

William is one of the most common first names of 18th century England and Johnson was one of the most common last names. From that we can infer that many William Johnsons served in the American Revolution.

What was the Revolutionary War was about?

the british were then in charge of america and they were taxing them and making laws on them while the colonists had no representation, they went to war and america won 1775-1783

What the Revolutionary War was about?

The American Revolution was about the 13 colonies wanting independence from Great Britain. 13 colonies did not want to live under a King . Those who did were called loyalists.

What was a big war in the Revolutionary War?

Boston campaign (1774-76) . Invasion of Canada (1775-76) . New York and New Jerseycampaigns (1776-77) . Saratoga campaign (1777) . Philadelphia campaign (1777-78) . Yorktown campaign (1781) . Northern theater of the American Revolutionary War afterSaratoga (1778-81) . Gulf Coast campaign (MORE)