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What do the colors on the Canadian flag mean?

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While some believe the colors on the Canadian flag have no official significance. As well, the points on the maple leaf found on the flag, do NOT correspond to the provinces and territories of Canada, as there are now 10 provinces and 3 territories and only 11 points on the Canadian flag. The blocks on both sides are supposed to represent both west and east, the pacific and Atlantic ocean. Others believe the white means peace and honesty and the red means hardiness, bravery, strength & valour.
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What are the two colors of the Canadian flag?

The Canadian flag is red and white -with a thick red bar, and a field with a red maple leaf upon it and then another thick red bar. You can see an image of the via on the link

What do the colors on Aruba's flag mean?

The Larkspur Blue on Aruba's flag is meant to call up Aruba's sky and the Caribbean Sea. The red is for Aruba's red soil and the blood of Arubans. The white is for Aruba's dis

What do the colors on the Ukraine flag mean?

yellow:prosperity blue:peace  The Rada in 1992 established the colors :Blue for sky streams water and Yellow for the fields of grain in this fertile land , go to Flags of th

What are the meanings of the colors on the Indian flag?

Saffron means COURAGE & SACRIFICE, (also Disinterestedness and the spirit of renunciation). White means PURITY & TRUTH. Green means FAITH & FERTILITY. The wheel on the fl

What do the colors of the Canadian flag represent?

The official flag of Canada (the Maple Leaf flag) was adopted in 1965, replacing the previously-used design of the Canadian Red Ensign. In 1921, King George V proclaimed the

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The green stripes represent Nigeria's agriculture industry and its lush vegetation. The white stripe represents the desire for peace and unity within the country.

What do the colors and symbols mean on the Canadian Flag?

  The red and white used in the National Flag of Canada were proclaimed the official colours of Canada in 1921 by King George V. Although the maple leaf did not have off

What does the white on the canadian flag mean?

King George V proclaimed in 1921 that Canadas' official colours were Red and White. The flag was modeled after these colours. The red stands for the English by representing Sa