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What do the colors on the Canadian flag mean?

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While some believe the colors on the Canadian flag have no official significance. As well, the points on the maple leaf found on the flag, do NOT correspond to the provinces and territories of Canada, as there are now 10 provinces and 3 territories and only 11 points on the Canadian flag. The blocks on both sides are supposed to represent both west and east, the pacific and Atlantic ocean. Others believe the white means peace and honesty and the red means hardiness, bravery, strength & valour.
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What do the colors of the uzbekistan flag mean?

The blue color means the water in the world. The two red stripes means the bloods on our body. The green color in the flag means the green nature like plants. The moon in the

What does the colors on the cambodian flag mean?

The blue color symbolizes the country's royalty. The red represents the nation and the white represents the religion, beginning with Brahmanism, and the current major religion

What do the colors on the Cambodian flag mean?

From what I have read the blue represents royalty, the red represents the nation, the white represents religion, and the emblem of the temple represents the structure of the u

What do the colors on haitis flag mean?

The Haitian flag has two horizontal stripes, the top in blue, which stands for vigilance, loyalty, perseverance and justice, and the union of mulatto Haitians with black Haiti

What is the meaning of the color blue of the flag?

(Let's see if I remember my boyscout training....) The blue represents the sky/heaven Each of the stars represents a state. The stars have also been said to represent the

What does the colors on swaziland's flag mean?

The Swazi Flag The flag is rectangular, and its colors are red, blue and yellow. Each of these colors has a meaning: Red stands for the battles of the past Blue stands for p

What do the colors in the flag of Kenya mean?

the red stands for blood, the green stands for the land and the black stands for the natives

What do the colors on the Myanmar flag mean?

The Blue of the flag of Myanmar represents peace and endurance; red symbolizes courage and gallantry; and white stands for purity and honor. There are also symbols and emble

What does the color of Guam flag mean?

Red means blood loss in war Blue means the ocean water
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What do the colors of Haiti flag mean?

The Haitian flag was born from the French flag at the independence of the island nation. It took the French flag, removed the white and turned it on its side. The blue, set