What do the genetic codes xx and xy mean?

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xx and xy are the chromosomes of the male and female body. the female has xx chromosome and the male has xy chromosomes the sex determination chromosomes
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What is the genetic code?

The genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded in genetic material (DNA or RNA sequences) is translated into proteins (amino acid sequences) by living cells.

What does genetics mean?

The branch of biology that deals with heredity, especially the mechanisms of hereditary transmission and the variation of inherited characteristics among similar or related organisms. These characteristics are determined by the expression of the genes present in the DNA of an offspring's cells. I (MORE)

What is genetic code?

The genetic code is the set of rules by which informationencoded in genetic material .

What is a genetic code?

The genetic code is the established rules by which the encodedinformation in the genetic material found in an organism istranslated into proteins by its living cells.

What is a xx and a xy cell?

An xx and an xy cell are used to denote female and male zygoticcells, respectively. They are formed from the union of a female xegg and a male x or y sperm.

How is the genetic code determined?

The genetic code is determined by the specific sequence of fournucleotide bases that make up DNA. The bases are guanine, adenine,thymine, and cytosine.

What do the dots on a case XX knife mean?

One of the blades will have a series of round dots and X's. A yearending in 0 will have 5 x's and 5 dots. Each year after that willlose one dot or x. Other markings indicate the proper decade todetermine the production year.

What does xx mean?

1. lesbian. 2. kiss kiss. 3. bye bye. 4. crossed fingers. 5. Dos Equis (beer or alcohol). 6. Christ everlasting. 7. Roman numeral 20.

Is there a difference in how long XY-chromosome sperm for boys and XX sperm for girls live?

Sperm for Girls and Boys Yes. The X sperm (which are the sperm that make females) live longer than the Y sperm (which are the sperm that make males). However, the Y sperm swim faster, so the chances are equally good that you will get a girl or a boy. If the Y sperm swim fast enough before they die (MORE)

What is the genetic meaning of XY?

There are 22 autosomal chromosomes and 2 sex chromosomes in humans. In all the other chromosomes, the homologous pairs match up genetic loci. However, in human sex chromosomes the X and Y chromosome are different (with the X chromosome being much larger and the Y chromosome carrying genes that cause (MORE)

What does genetic mean?

"Genetic" refers to the a person's strands of DNA, which are configured to form "Genes", which the cells use as instructions on how to function or grow. Genes represent the basic blueprint of our bodies and can vary greatly from person to person, dictating the color of the eyes, hair, body height, b (MORE)

What does XY mean?

It is referring to the male chromosome whereas the the female gender chromosome is XX.

What does the genetic code in a gene code for?

For a coding gene, the sequence of DNA bases describes the amino acid sequence that will result in a protein or enzyme. However, there are many parts of the total genome that do not directly code for proteins. These regions are involved in gene expression regulation.

Why is xx a male and xy a female?

First of all, you're mistaken if you asked yourself this question:XX is the female sex chromosome combination, and XY is male. It's important to realise that this is the case in humans, but notin all animals. Other animals, for example insects, have differentmechanisms for sex determination. In hu (MORE)

If you have a XY what are you?

XY relates to genetics, not science fiction, or fantasy. Basically if you are XY, it means you are male, whereas if you are XX you are female.. Jacki.

You know that girls have xx chromosomes and guys have xy chromosomes but what happens if a human has a yy yyy xxy xxx or yyx chromosome what are they now?

An X chromosome is much, much larger than a Y chromosome. For this reason, an X chromosome is more important for life than a Y. Let's consider the options you posed: YY --> because the Y chromosome is so small, there is not enough genetic information for an organism to survive. This is not viable a (MORE)

Xx or xy is female?

A female is an XX. However, during development one of the X chromosomes is deactivated and is called a Barr body. . Human females have XX sex chromosomes. A male has XY chromosomes. The Y chromosome is very small and contains only genes that make a male a male. .

Why does genetic code have to be exact in a protein?

An exact protein is produced only if all the amino acids (the building blocks) are in the correct sequence. Even is one amino acid is not in the right sequence (or even missing) the protein would not be able to correctly function. It may not be able to function at all. Since the genetic code is r (MORE)

Is male sperm xy or xx?

Females' eggs always provide an X. If the sperm is X, the child is female (XX); if it is Y, the child is male (XY)..

Pregnancy scan revealed xx means what?

In medicine, a double X generally refers to the female gene; girls receive an X chromosome from both mother and father. An XY world refer to the male, because boys receive an X chromosome from the mother and a Y chromosome from the father. However, if you do not understand the notations on any me (MORE)

What is the arrangement of genetic code?

The genetic code of all living organisms is held in DNA molecules.DNA is a polymer (long molecule made of smaller subunits) whichforms double-helical (twisted ladder shape) dimers (a dimer is twomolecules in close association with each other). The geneticinformation is encoded as three unit sequence (MORE)

The genetic code is universal but what does this mean?

this means that the same genetic code that is used in humans is used in all other types of organisms as well. anything from animals to plants to bacteria uses the same system of triplet nucleotide bases (codons) to code for a single amino acid when building a polypeptide. remember that the genetic c (MORE)

What genes do transsexuals contain ie boys have XY girls have XX?

some have XX, some XY, some YY, some XXY, some XXX, some X, some Y. Surprisingly, a large % of people have a NON traditional "XX, XY sex gene" and they have no idea - who has the $ sitting around to spend on what their genes look like. And no, just because you have a "---" between your legs doesn't (MORE)

Anyone know the buttons to press for a 99 A6 concert radio xx I have the code xx need to know how to reset xx tried scan and FM doesn't work xx 1999 A6 concert radio please?

Press the FM2 and RDS buttons together (one on top of the other) until 1000 appears on the radio screen. Let go. using the 1-6 buttons on the left, press the 1 button repeadtedly until you get your code's first digit on the screen, the 2 until the second digit, 3 until the 3rd, 4 until the 4th. Pres (MORE)

What does xx mean on a case xx?

it means that they checked the knife and everything about it twice. So it should never have any mistakes. It turned into the logo for case knives today.

What is genetic code what does it code for and what are the letters of the code?

The genetic code is the sequence of nucleotides (represented by letters) found on DNA (or RNA). This codes for functional products (proteins) which determine the functions of cells. The genetic code, interacting with an organism's environment, determines the physical traits of that organism. T (MORE)

What does XX mean from female to male?

XX from a female to a male may mean a so much but from what we normally use XX to mean is Love, so when a female messages you XX they simply like you and miss you and also means they love you very much that is why most cases they use a triple XXX meaning they are down for you as in they love you so (MORE)

What does it mean when you say that the genetic code is redundant?

There are 64 codons , that code for only 20 amino acids . This make the genetic code redundant - because different codons can code for the same amino acid. This provides some protection against mistakes - because a replacement of a single base may end up coding for the same amino acid - causing (MORE)

What does 4 dots on case xx knife mean?

One of the blades will have a series of round dots and X's. A yearending in 0 will have 5 x's and 5 dots. Each year after that willlose one dot or x. Other markings indicate the proper decade todetermine the production year.

What does 3207 cv mean on a case xx knife?

That is a Case Mini Trapper Knife. The CV stands for ChromeVanadium. That is the non-stainless steel blade. Some prefer it toSS blades as it can be easier to sharpen.

What are the release dates for XX XY - 2002?

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