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What do you call something that came from nothing and turned into something?

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What is something but nothing?

Thoughts, dreams, hopes. they are all something, but you cannot use any of your five senses to do anything with them. So they are nothing. but they are something to you, becau

What is it called when you tell someone not to do something but then you turn around and do it yourself?

Someone who does that should not described as a 'hypocrite'. It is common to describe someone accusing another of doing exactly the thing they tell others NOT to do as a hypo

If nothing is impossible then is it possible for something to be impossible?

The question has words which have what I would call (for want of knowledge of a better description) reflective meanings; The words 'nothing' and 'impossible' cannot stand on t

Can something be created from nothing?

In particle physics, things pop into and out of existence all the time from so called nothing. But "nothing" is an illusion. There is a thing called "vacuum energy" that is no

Why is there something rather than nothing?

Another answer from our community:    The Biblical answer would be that God created the 'something' out  of nothing. This is referred to as creation ex nihilo and refe