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What do you call something that came from nothing and turned into something?

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Why Something Instead of Nothing?

Answer . Something is used when don't know the exact quantity of........ you want. However, If you use nothing then you know exactly what you don't want. Something is used

How can you get something from nothing?

You can get at least 11 words from NOTHING - no thing thin hit not gin tin go to it in You cannot otherwise get something from nothing -- you have to p

How can you have something but not have nothing?

That is a very confusing question and I completely understand why. I interpret this question like this: I have many material things but they are worth nothing. Oh, sure I paid

What is something but nothing?

Thoughts, dreams, hopes. they are all something, but you cannot use any of your five senses to do anything with them. So they are nothing. but they are something to you, becau

Can you get something from nothing?

No, however invisible the start of the reaction, there is something to begin with. Spontaneous generation was the theory that things could develop from nothing.

Is nothing something?

Absolutely, there is no such thing as nothing Because nothing is always something

Is nothing something or is nothing nothing?

As with most things, it depends entirely on the context in which itis used. As a noun, it is "no thing," simply non-existence. As a pronoun, it is no single thing, or a thin
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How can nothing be something and something be nothing?

Well if you're doing nothing, then you could say you are doing something by seeing that you are sitting in a chair or standing or breathing or living, if you are doing nothing