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What do you call the offsprings of male zebra and female horse?

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I think that would be a Zorse.
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What is the offspring of a female horse and a male zebra?

Crossing a zebra stallion on a horse mule produces a Zorse. Zebra hybrids are usually the result of a male zebra bred either to a female horse (zorse) or to a donkey jennet (

What does an offspring of a female horse and male zebra look like?

  The offspring of a horse and zebra is called a zorse. It gets its dominant color genes from its horse mother, and stripes from the zebra father. Attempts to breed horse

What is the Offspring of male horse female donkey?

  when a male horse and a female donkey mates the product is a meul a mix of horse and donkey.   they where used for heavy lifts and pulling carts.     i hope th