What do you call the people in Hungary?

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They are called Hungarians.
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Why are you called people?

derived from populus, meaning common folk. Replaced the word folk/folc. First used around 15th Century, Anglo-French derivation.

Where is Hungary?

Hungary is in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia Croatia and Slovenia.

What do you call people from?

People that are from the United States are called Americans. Peoplethat are from the country of China are called Chinese.

How do people in Hungary dress?

People in Hungary currently dress very similarly to people in thewestern world. Traditional Hungarian dress included pants tuckedinside of boots for men, and bright skirts, and headdresses orbabushkas for women.

Who is the President of Hungary?

János Áder is the President of Hungary. He officially became President on 2012 May 10 after being elected as President of Hungary on 2012 May 2. Laszlo Solyom

What do people eat in Hungary?

There are a variety of Hungarian dishes. These include gulyássoup, hortobágyi palacsinta, nokedli, as well as the dish gundelpalacsinta.

Why do people call people gay?

Because homosexuality has been looked down upon by society for thousands of years. And it still is by many. Even the medical community is finding out its a defect.

Are black people in Canada referred to as African-Canadians or in Italy as African-Italians or in Hungary as African-Hungarians?

I'm pretty sure that's only an American thing. Other countries have names for people derived from their own language. For example, in Spanish you would just call a black or dark-skinned person negra or negro and a white or fair-skinned person blanca or blanco. These names are not offensive and negra (MORE)

What do you call people who use people?

It depends on the ways they use others. A manipulator is one type of person who uses others. They want you do to something for them that you might not want to do, and it often involves sex, money, or attention. They may twist your emotions, badger you, or tell you sweet little lies, anything to get (MORE)

Why do people call people annoying?

I don't know. There are some words that the more you use that word, the more it applies to you. These words include: stupid, gay, annoying, immature, nerd, and the worst of all these, " name-caller " (If you call a person a name caller, then guess what that makes You!)

Are the people of Hungary rich or poor?

some parts of Hungary people are RICH and in other parts people are POOR that's only because that's how they choose to live their lifes and some times people just end up lost and people lose their homes to the RCH ones who want to buy them so they can stick something that's not usfull and the RICH o (MORE)

What happened to the Jewish people in Hungary during World War 2?

Although Hungary had an antisemtic regime under Admiral Horthy from 1920-1944 and placed restrictions on its Jewish population, they did not want to kill them. As Hungary was an ally of Nazi Germany, the Nazis were for a long time not able to deport Hungarian Jews for gassing or forced labour. Howev (MORE)

What do people call black people?

Any person should be addressed in the same manner: . If you know them well: By their first name . If you know them professionally: Mr. Mrs. Dr. Professor Reverend Rabbi Sir Madam (or other title accorded to their position or profession) . If they are clients in your business: Sir Madam

Why do people call people noobs?

Noob is a term used for new users, (newbies), but they can also be used when someone acts stupid or people hate them, for example if somebody dies in a videogame, they say "Noob!!"

Are you Hungary?

yes i am Hungary Hungary is the name of a country where i live. What is the question? :D are you hungry? Are you from Hungary? Very Hungary. Go make me some Turkey. With Chile.

Why do people immigrate to Hungary?

it might be for many reasons!its a beautiful country and the people are warm and friendly?it might be because they have got a job theretheir family are therethey want adventurethey might want to start a new business there do a search in Google for Hungary - to study about itfind out how many people (MORE)

How did Hungary get the name Hungary?

Magyarország (The Hungarian name for their country) is derived from the Magyar tribe that settled in Hungary. The Magyar tribe was one of the many tribes united under the Huns. In basic terms, the name means Hungarian Country. Magyar for Hungarian, and orszag for Country. (that is not an actual t (MORE)

Government of the people by the people for the people is called what?

anarchy----Democracy. Technically, it can also be called "anarchism" or "anarchy" from "an-" (no) "arch" (ruler), the state of having no ruler over us but ourselves.-but incorrectly- called anarchy. The correct term would be "chaos".If you have no idea what this is about please look it up, then come (MORE)

Why do people call people dunce?

"Dunce" means a stupid person. It derives from the name of the medieval philosopher and theologian John Duns Scotus. Duns Scotus had points of disagreement with St. Thomas Aquinas, who was the golden boy of Catholic theology at the time (that's why he got to be a saint). Since the popular take was t (MORE)

Was Hungary communist?

Hungary was communist after the Allies reigned victorious over Germany. The Russians established USSR, which then converted all the newly joined countries to communist. Hungary was the first country to become economically free from USSR.

Is Hungary rich?

It is not poor or anything but it is not super rich like Luxembourg. It is the 37th richest country in the world. Hope i helped.

Is Hungary communist?

Hungary is not communist. They were before the fall of USSR. They are now democratic, but are slowly moving toward the right-wing as Jobbik has gained enough power in the government to be able to change it.

Is there a place called Magyar Hungary?

"Magyar" is (part of) the Hungarian words for "Hungarian people", "Hungary", and "Hungarian language." It's approximately correct to say that "Magyar" and "Hungary" mean essentially the same thing.

During the Cold War Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary were called?

(Soviet satellites) During the Cold War, Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary were called Soviet satellites. A satellite is a person, country, or object (such as a moon) whose actions and movement is controlled by a larger, more powerful person, country, or object. During the Cold Wa (MORE)

Why do people call people losers?

People call people names because other people think that it is funny. other wise it actually hurts. they call each other names because it makes them feel good from all the stress.

Who were the asain people who became Christians and established Hungary?

It was the Magyars. Although they were originally from Asia, they were from close to the Ural Mountains (the border between Europe and Asia) and crossed into the area of the Volga river, on the European side, very early. Their stock is European. Their language belongs to the Finno-Urgic group which (MORE)

What religion do Hungary people believe?

Many are Christian or Catholic, but not all are. The country of Poland and Hungary are best friends and they celebrate a friendship day between the two countries.