What do you do when your mother dislikes you and her boyfriend is abusive but they won't let you leave?

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You tell somebody, I'd tell my guidance counselor or a trusted family member.
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What can you do if an abusive boyfriend threatens to harm you or your family if you leave him?

Seek a PPO. Its a Personal Protection Order. You can get one at your local county courthouse, or at the Clerks office, you can also go on-line and check them out considering what state you live in. Personal Protection Orders are designed for domestic (family or relationship) situations. If this gets (MORE)

If you're not good enough for him and he cheats on you why won't he let you leave him?

Answer . \nSounds like this guy has brain-washed you. Why on earth wouldn't you feel you were good enough for him? Men and women both cheat no matter how good their mate is to them. Some people just aren't mature or have a kink in the old brain matter.\n. \nI doubt he has you chained to the w (MORE)

Is it considered emotional abuse when your parents will not accept your sexuality and won't let you be yourself and be happy?

It depends on how old you are and what they are doing. You say they"will not accept" your sexuality, and "won't let you be yourselfand be happy". If you mean they are telling you that you'll growout of it, then it's not emotional abuse. If the world was aperfect place, parents would be happy for the (MORE)

Why won't your abusive ex-boyfriend allow the conversation of closure too occur?

Answer . Two possibilities: \n1. He doesn't feel that anything needs closure. Maybe he's willing to just walk away. 2. Denial. If he believes that he can still control you by refusing to do as you wish, he may think that he can keep the relationship going. Maybe he's just thinking that he can k (MORE)

What can you do when your boyfriend accused you of cheating but you didn't and he won't let you explain?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIf he has so little trust in you and won't even ask you what the truth of the matter is, it may be you're better off not to be in a relationship with him. There's very little you can do but email or leave him a message saying you still would like to talk to him about (MORE)

How can a teenager get some money if his mother won't let him get a job?

Answer . \nIf a teenager's parents will not allow him to have a job, he should ask for a weekly allowance. If they will not give him an allowance, he could try to do chores and odd jobs for friends and neighbors to earn some spending money. If there is a specific reason that the parents will no (MORE)

Ex boyfriend won't let me see dog?

Answer . First why did you break up in the first place?\n. Answer . It doesn't really matter why you broke up, but if he gave you the dog as a gift then it's your dog. If it was always his dog from the beginning when you started to go together then sorry, he has the right to say no. Try re (MORE)

Why won't your boyfriend let you touch his penis?

Answer . Answer Perhaps he does not want to, is uncomfortable with doing so, and he may understand the issues with even going there if you are underage. Consequences are huge for guys and you should honor his wishes. You would want him to do the same for you if you had objections.

What should you do if your ex boyfriend won't leave you alone?

You have to tell your parents and if the situation is really bad you are going to have to go to the police. This boy is obviously obsessed and has a problem and you have to be careful in situations such as this because they can get out of hand. Go to your parents and discuss the situation and tell t (MORE)

How do you leave your abusive husband for an ex boyfriend?

quietly do not let him know you are leaving. An abusive husband is a very common and serious problem. if you have plans to move in with your ex boyfriend then do it secretly make sure he is asleep or at least an hour or 2 away. if you receive threats do not answer he will find you. if he threatens y (MORE)

Why won't your mom let you have a boyfriend when you are grade 6?

At grade 6, you are not of dating age. With dating comes a lot of responsibilities, decisions and emotions that your mom obviously feels you are not ready for, in which she is right. Don't be in so much of a hurry - there is so much time in your future for dating then you will be overwhelmed. Enjoy (MORE)

How do you know if your boyfriend won't leave you?

check for unusualty in his behavior. if he acts a bit strange then talk to him about it in a calm tone. screaming will get you NOWHERE! also, keep an honest, open, and comforatble relationship so that he WON'T have a reason to leave you. Sometimes, you'll have to do what he wants but if you ABSOLUTE (MORE)

If your dad and his girlfriend are abusive and your mother won't do a thing about it is it illegal to run away?

Answer: . I would say it is not a good idea to run away, but to call the police (or visit them) and tell them what's happening and show them the bruises. They may be able to help. Also if you are under 18 then yes, unfortunately it is illegal. Answer: . It probably wont be illegal but i don't thi (MORE)

How do i deal with my boyfriends mom who won't leave him and me alone She doesn't let him do anything he doesn't have a life he's always having to watch his little brothers but i love him what do i do?

basically maintain with the situation. if you love him that much and want to simply be with him then patience can only bring you two together. eventually hell have some freetime and if not you two will go drastic measures to do so. so take time and just talk and call him let him know your thinking o (MORE)

Can a pregnant woman leave her abusive boyfriend?

Yes because if she is being abused then she should leave because who knows if after she gives birth and their baby grows up the guy wont start abusing the kid. The mother should want to protect her baby and leave the guy so they can have a better life. If the baby is a boy living in that kind of sit (MORE)

Why boyfriend won't leave girlfriend alone?

If you're referring to a relationship between male and female which is more than friend, and they get separated (I believe when the boyfriend keeps bugging his ex, the girl must be the one who dumped him) then, for a lot of reasons... 1. He still loves her. 2. He obsess about her. 3. He is (MORE)

What do I do when I cheated on my boyfriend but he won't let go?

It's cheap to cheat on your boyfriend whether you love him or not. You need to communicate with him that you don't love him and want your freedom to do as you wish and to see who you want and you want to be honest with him and let him get on with his own life. Warning: 'Still waters run deep' w (MORE)

Your ex boyfriend won't leave?

If you mean why wont your ex boyfriend leave your life alone the he might be jealous of you talking to other men or he might still want to be with you

What if your family wants to rescue a near 18 yo from the perm guardianship of an abusive family member in AZ we are in WA and not related are there laws to protect us his fam won't let him leave?

Unfortunately, you probably can't do anything until he turns 18 except for love him and let him know he's welcome in your home when he turns 18. You can begin getting your life ready for him if you're serious about taking him in and are really the ones to do it--make sure he has a room/space set up, (MORE)

Why won't your cheating boyfriend leave you?

Often times a cheating boyfriend will not leave because he feels a sense of comfort with you. He may not be happy, but he knows that you will always be there. The real question to ask here should be why would you not leave your cheating boyfriend. Feelings of helplessness may be to blame. However, i (MORE)

How should you get your friend to leave her abusive boyfriend?

Hi, I understand your concern for your friend. Unfortunately, until she is ready to leave, there is not much that you can do. Women in abusive relationships often return to their abuser more than once after they have left. Pray for your friend. Offer to take her to counseling. Offer to take her to a (MORE)

Annoying ex boyfriend won't leave you alone?

you have to flat out tell him it's OVER.he might try asking to call and what not but you have to tell him not for a week or so.if he calls don't answer.you'll feel bad,but you have to be clear and honest with him.

How can you leave an abusive boyfriend?

You need to be very careful with this. If he has hit you once there is nothing stopping him from hitting you again. Think about the reasons, and get another male in the room with you, even if its a gay guy. He won't want to attack you with another person in the room. BE CAREFUL!!! Try and find a guy (MORE)

Why won't my mother support me and try to stop the emotional abuse by my older narcissistic sister?

From what I delt with being adopted my my mom treating her blood relative better than myself because I'm not her real family. But that's different. Here's what I see. Honestly. It depends on your age, if you're in your teens, not 17 or 18. You can probably get help from emotional abuse. If you're a (MORE)