What do you do when your mother dislikes you and her boyfriend is abusive but they won't let you leave?

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You tell somebody, I'd tell my guidance counselor or a trusted family member.
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Why won't your boyfriend let you touch his penis?

Answer . Answer Perhaps he does not want to, is uncomfortable with doing so, and he may understand the issues with even going there if you are underage. Consequences are

How do you know if your boyfriend won't leave you?

check for unusualty in his behavior. if he acts a bit strange then talk to him about it in a calm tone. screaming will get you NOWHERE! also, keep an honest, open, and comfora

What do I do when I cheated on my boyfriend but he won't let go?

It's cheap to cheat on your boyfriend whether you love him or not. You need to communicate with him that you don't love him and want your freedom to do as you wish and to see

Your ex boyfriend won't leave?

If you mean why wont your ex boyfriend leave your life alone the he might be jealous of you talking to other men or he might still want to be with you

Why won't your cheating boyfriend leave you?

Often times a cheating boyfriend will not leave because he feels a sense of comfort with you. He may not be happy, but he knows that you will always be there. The real questio

How can you leave an abusive boyfriend?

You need to be very careful with this. If he has hit you once there is nothing stopping him from hitting you again. Think about the reasons, and get another male in the room w