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Embed video means to embed, or place, a video within the HTML code of the page you are posting on.
You can add video using HTML code - you will need more then basic HTML knowledge.
Embedding a video player plugin is much easier. You just need to embed simple code provided by plugin creator.
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How do you embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint?

For example, if you want to insert a video from Youtube to a PowerPoint, Case 1: If you will show this PowerPoint presentation with internet, just follow the video in reso

Can videos be embed into email?

One can attempt embedding videos into an E-mail by using HTML (as it is the only wide-spread language that can embed videos), but it is not always definite that it will embed

How do you embed video in a web page?

The simplest way to embed a video: If you have your own video, create a free account on YouTube or Vidiopia, upload your video then grab the embed code on the video's page. Si

How do you embed YouTube videos in Wordpress?

If you go on to wordpress.com, they tell you how to do it on there. it is a new thing that they just started. IMHO: The easiest way would be to paste the video embed code. 

What does embed video mean?

You can use the code of an Embedded Video to put on your website such as Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr. People can view the video directly on the your website.

What does URL and Embed Code mean?

A Url is a 'Uniform Resource Locator' which sounds like computer geek talk but all it means is a Link or connection between a domain and server. The URL links the two together

What does 14k emb mean?

14k EMB means made of solid 14k gold and embossed  or embedded with another matterial (enamel, gemstones...) 

What does 14k EMB mean on gold?

That is the name of the company who marketed fraternal pins made by  CTO CTO) *JEWELRY TRADEMARK USED BY O.C. TANNER JEWELRY CO., SALT  LAKE CITY, UT FOR FRATERNAL JEWELRY S

What does embed code mean?

It is the code that is used to show flash or video content. Useful tutorial on its google blog: http://funny-video-youtube.blogspot.com Embed code is mainly used for emb

What does embed media mean?

It means you can embed media such as videos onto a website for example. On youtube you can get the embed code to put on your website in order for the video to appear on your s

Can you embed a Google video?

Click share under neither the video to add a widget of the video.   Alternativly use YouTube (you can customise the box and the look of the video-plus easier to find!)  

How do you embed videos in HTML?

Three simple methods        ----   The tag method only works in Internet Explorer, and has many issues with most other browsers. The "dynsrc" attribute doe