What do you need to plant a tree?

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Trees produce oxygen and absorb Carbon Dioxide. Humans need the former to live, the latter kills us. Hopefully you can now see why planting more trees is important.
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What are the tree most important chelical element that plants need?

There are no three main chemical elements that plants need, there are many more. Every living thing MUST have at least carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulph

Why does the world need plants and trees?

We need plants and trees because plants and trees are basically from the same family.plant take in carbon dioxide and bring back air that lets us breath without plant we would

Why do you need to plants trees?

because all over the world they are getting chopped down and they provide alot of the worlds oxygen which we need to breathe so they are good for the enviroment plus they look
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What type of care does a money tree plant need?

The money tree requires in-direct sunlight but bright enough. Plenty of water during the summer less so during the winter. They require tempature no lower than 28 degrees and