What do you need to take to army basic training?

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Before you ship, your recruiter will provide you with a packing list, and will go over any additional needs with you.
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Is army basic training hard?

The basic training in the army is not hard but requires endurance.This is aimed at shaping all aspects of a soldier in the Army.

Where does the army do basic training?

The U.S. Army does basic training in 5 bases. Fort Benning, Georgia- Infantry. Fort Jackson, South Carolina - 80% of females are sent here. Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri- Eng

What do you do during army basic training?

Recruits arrive for general orientation and are given haircuts and issued Army uniforms. . Basic Tactical training begins followed by Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense,

Where are is army basic training units?

Locations for US Army BCT (Basic Combat Training) are: . Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri . Ft Jackson, South Carolina . Ft Knox, Kentucky . Ft Sill, Oklahoma . Ft Benning, Ge

You have completed Marine Basic Training do you need to complete Army BT to Reenlist?

Marines don't go through Basic Training - they go through Boot Camp. The Army does accept prior service enlistees without requiring them to go through Basic Combat Training. H
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What is the duration of basic training in army?

Nine weeks, not including time you'll spend in-processing and time spent on hold at the Adjutant General battalion waiting for a BCT unit to become available for you to ship t
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What is basic training for the army like?

It varies among the different training sites. Typically it consists of Red Phase, White Phase, and Blue Phase. Each phase is about 3 weeks long and each phase has different pr
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How do you pass army basic training?

Do what you are told, when you are told, how you are told. . Do not deviate from orders. . Do not get creative in following orders. . Be heard, not seen. . Keep your head