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-noun, plural -ties. 1. a specified income payable at stated intervals for a fixed or a contingent period, often for the recipient's life, in consideration of a stipulated premium paid either in prior installment payments or in a single payment. 2. the right to receive such an income, or the duty to make such a payment or payments.
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How do annuities work?

Annuities are similar to a CD except that insurance companies almost always pay better rates of interest than banks. Annuities also grow tax deferred. You choose when to pay t

What is a deferred annuity?

  An annuity that will not begin until some time period in the future. A deferred annuity is an annuity in which the taxes due on any taxable portion is deferred until you

What is the meaning of perpetual-annuity?

  a perpetual annuity is an annuity that continues forever- it has an infinite life.That is every year from its establishment this investment pays the same dollar amount.A

What is the definition of an annuity?

Annuity is a set of payments of a set size and frequency, usually made to someone who is retired. They are most often made annually, either for a person's lifetime or for a se

What are annuities?

      There can be a few different definitions but in short as it applies to insurance or financial services:   = Two Main Annuity Types: Immediate and Deferre

What is a life annuity?

An annuity is long-term retirement savings product that can help protect you against the risk of outliving your assets. It is a contract between you and an insurance company:

How is your Annuity insured?

Usually it is backed by the financial strength of the issuing insuance company. Answer 2 But more usually government bonds are bought to cover the payments to be made by th

Can you cash in your annuity?

Yes you can. You will most likely pay a variety of fees and taxes depending on your age and how long you have been collecting on the annuity. There are applicable surrender fe

How do you prorate an annuity?

Annuities generally do not need to be probated. Because annuities allow for the naming of a beneficiary, they pass to heirs by function of law and are not part of the probate

What is the meaning of annuity guaranteed for 5 years and for life thereafter?

Currently the following options are available under LIC's immediate annuities: 1. Annuity for life: The annuity is paid to the life assured as long as he/she is alive. 2. An

What is the definition of annuity?

According Wiktionary, which is public domain, annuity can take on the following meanings:  A specified income payable at stated intervals for a fixed or a contingent period,

What is a period certain annuity and a life annuity?

A period certain annuity is an annuity that pays out an income stream for a set period of time. A life annuity pays an income out for the lifetime of the annuitant (the person

What is annuity?

Technically, the term "annuity" means "a series of payments over time, where the original investment and interest will be distributed over the annuity payout period". However,

Who can have an annuity?

According to www.retireright.co.uk, anyone who has some  form of retirement income which is capable of being paid out in a  lump sum can have an an annuity.  Think of an an