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What does China import and export from Japan?

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China imports electronic equipment and automobiles from Japan. China exports computers, circuits, and office products to the country of Japan.
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What does Canada import and export to Japan?

Japan is Canada's 2nd biggest trading partners. USA is its biggest trading partner. If something happens between USA and Canada, Canada would have to rely on Japan for its big

What does Japan import and export?

Japan exports electronics, motorcycles, cars, sound equipment, andfood. Japan imports food, lumber, cars, oil, machinery, buildingmaterials.

What things does China export and import?

They export things like machinery and equipment, textiles and clothing, footwear, toys and sporting goods and mineral fuels. Not sure about importing. :)

What does Australia import from and export to China?

Australia imports textiles and clothing from China because their workers are paid less, meaning they produce more of it. Meanwhile, materials like wool, lamb etc. are exported
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What does Australia import from and export to Japan?

I only know the exports to Japan but here are the major ones. Our major exports to Japan are: Coal Iron ore & concentrates Beef Aluminium LNG Nickel Wheat Sugar Persona