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Mitochondria is a type of organelle found in cells, it is responsible for the production of energy for the cell
A mitochondria is an organelle (tiny part) in a cell. It provides energy to the cell. There are five different chambers in a mitochondria that all work to make energy. When one or more of these chambers is not working right, it causes loss of energy and severe disabilities such as Mitochondrial Disease.
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What are mitochondria?

In the simplest terms, mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. They are the structures that produce the energy a cell needs (ATP is the cell's energy currency).. Organe

What do mitochondria do?

Mitochondriaare the organelles that convert chemical energy, storedin food, into a compound that can be used by the cell. Themitochondria break down food and turn it into ener

What has mitochondria?

\n. \nEvery living thing has Mitochondria. - Chloe Salom \n. \nMany eukaryotic cells contain mitochondria. Prokaryotic cells do not.

Meaning of f1 particle in mitochondria?

F1 particles are present in the inner mitochondrial space of the mitochondrion. It is attached on the infoldings called the cristae. F1 particles are also known as oxysomes or

What is the biology term Mitochondria mean?

This is a very interesting question. The term mitochondria means thread + grain. When people first began to look at cells under the microscope they saw grains with threads.
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What is Mitochondria do?

It generates energy through respiration.It act as a power generator.