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What does Quel est le couleur de tes yeux et tes cheveux mean?

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Les miens sont bruns.....hahaha...mais moi aussi :P....anywayzz....the answer to your question is what colour are your eyes & hair :)
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What does 'Quel est le secret de Sven' mean?

The sentence 'Quel est le secret de Sven' asks What is Sven's secret ? In the word-by-word translation, the interrogative pronoun 'quel' means 'what, which'. The verb 'est' m

What does et les yeux mean?

"and the eyes"... I suppose it's part of a discussion where the other person is asking you the color of your eyes or something...

Quelle est la couleur de mes cheveux?

If you want me to translate that sentence, the correct translation would be "What is the color of my hair?" You pronounce that sentence like this: "Kell ay lah coo-lur deuh ma