What does a la playa mean in spanish?

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a = to
la = the
playa = beach
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What does la mean in Spanish?

la = the (feminine) It is the article "the" used for feminine nouns (Spanish nouns are either masculine or feminine and determined by traditional use, not by any particular qualities.) Examples: la escuela - the school el autobús - the bus

What does a las mean in Spanish?

It is either an article part of speech which would mean "the" for example " las manzanas" means "the apples", or it is a direct object pronoun which would mean "them" for example "Juan las tiene". That means "Juan has them".

What does las mean in Spanish?

The word 'las' is a plural feminine form of the in Spanish. It is also used as a preceding or trailing object pronoun (them) with some verbs. Las chicas - the girls Las escuelas - the churches No las tengo - I don't have them (plural feminine objects) Démelas - Give them to me

What is the Spanish meaning for Las Vegas?

It means: The Meadows . Las (or Los) = The Vega = Meadow (s for plural) It was so named due to it's plentiful underground water supply and fertile ground; it was quite literally a huge fertile meadow surrounded by desert. .

What does Las Vegas mean in Spanish?

\n . It means: The Meadows . Las (or Los) = The Vega = Meadow (s for plural) It\nwas so named due to it's plentiful underground water supply and fertile\nground; it was quite literally a huge fertile meadow surrounded by \ndesert.

What does la hora mean in spanish?

You mean "What does the Spanish word 'la hora' mean in English? It means "the clock" or "the hour". That depends on the situation... La hora means time

What does playa mean?

A Player or Player is a guy who flirts/dates and sleeps with many women. Very often charming cute and slick, he knows how to play the field. Playa is also the Spanish word for "Beach"

What is does la mean in spanish?

Its the feminine definitve article , in other words it means ' the ' for feminine nouns La casa , La mujer , La taza the house , the woman , the cup as opposed to El moto , el barco , el dia the car , the boat , the day these are masculine nouns

What does the spanish word la mean?

ANALYSE: 1. La (to you, you, polite you, singular, feminine): Vi que usted estaba muy animada; la vi como si fuera otra --- I saw you were very spirited. I saw you as another person. 2. La (her / it, feminine) Ella es Diana , la conocí en el cine --- She's Diana. (MORE)

What does a la mean in spanish?

a (which means to) + la (which means the) = a la (which means to the) For example if there's a sentence that says: Yo camino a la playa. It means: I walk to the beach. Sorry I changed it it's el museo not la museo.

What is the meaning of la raiz in Spanish?

"La raíz" could mean a variety of things. You could use it to say "root," "origin," or "source.". A common phrase that uses it is "a raíz de" which means "as a result of."

What is the meaning of la in spanish?

Analyse: 1. La - the feminine singular. La casa. --- the house. *2. La - dative-accusative pronoun meaning "you, to you", formal singular, used for a woman: La vi muy contenta; fruía usted en verdad. --- I saw you very happy. You were really enjoying it. *3. La --- d (MORE)

What does La mirda mean in spanish?

Maybe you misspelled the word "mirda" so it can be two possible words: 1- La mirada (99% sure that you wanted to type this) 2- La mierda (only to cover all the posibilities) 1- I think La mirada can be translated as "The gaze", mirada refers to the face expression when the person is lookin (MORE)

What does la nota mean in spanish?

"La nota" means "the note" in Spanish. It is pronounced "la NO-tah". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation. La nota can also mean the result, such as an exam result 'La nota del examen'.

What does la Navajo mean in spanish?

Contrary to some beliefs, it does Not mean raideror knife or anything else in Spanish. It comes from a Tewa Indianword ( navahu or navahu'u -nava-"planted fields" hu- "mouths of canyons") for the Navajopeople that the Spanish learned in the 1540s. It means fields in ariver valley. They were cal (MORE)

What does la in Spanish mean?

La is the feminine article for "the". It can also be used as a pronoun for feminine subjects. Example: Juana es mi hermana. Voy a verla manana.

What does los and las mean in Spanish?

They are the plural forms for "the" in Spanish. Los is masculine, las is feminine. Las casas grandes "the big houses". They're also the dative and accusative pronouns for the third person (a / para ellos, ellas, ustedes): Los / las vi a ustedes el día de ayer "I saw you yes (MORE)

What does la quinceanera mean in spanish?

quinceañera has no English word , but quince is fifteen and añera would be a girls years now that's as close to explaining what it means so what it is, is a celebration on a girls 15th birthday. much like a sweet 16 party in the U.S. difference is Parents usually go all out for this on (MORE)

What does por la mean in spanish?

Could mean "in the" as in "in the morning" - por la mañana, or "via" or "through" as in "I'll come back via the city" - regresaré por la ciudad

What does la mean is spanish?

In Spanish, 'la' means 'the' (for example, ' la mesa' means ' the table'). It is used with singular , feminine nouns. But it is one of four words that all mean 'the'. The other three are 'el', 'las' and 'los'. 'El' is used with singular , masculine nouns, 'las' is used with plural , fem (MORE)

What does la cornucopia mean in spanish?

La cornucopia, era un vaso en figura de cuerno, rebosante de frutas y flores, que entre los antiguos griegos y romanos simbolizaba la abundancia. Por extradición, dícese de esta abundancia. 2. Espejo pequeño de marco tallado y dorado, que por lo regular posee uno o más brazos a guisa de (MORE)

What does la fisica mean in spanish?

LA FÍSICA ----- Physics. "La fisica" doesn't exist in Spanish. (Possibly you don't have, or don't know how to get, the accent on your PC?).

What does La Villita mean in spanish?

La Villita, pues es una ciudad, depende de qué país se trate = La Villita, well it's a town, it depends on which country is concerned. 'villeta' = a small town or borough

What does lo la mean in spanish?

Assuming you do not mean the name 'Lola' (which means 'Lola'!), the two words 'lo' and 'la' can mean 'it' (for masculine and feminine nouns, respectively), e.g. 'El libro, dame lo' = The (masculine) book, give me it. ' La cuchara, dame la' = The (feminine) spoon, give me it. 'La' can al (MORE)

What does La can Chas means in spanish?

It is most likely la cancha , or las canchas . Cancha means field , like a football or baseball field. It can also mean field as in "A man outstanding in his field ." There is another different word for 'field of corn.' La can Chas is otherwise gibberish.

What does la paz mean in Spanish?

"La paz" means "peace" or possibly "the peace" (as in, "the peace between these two countries has been difficult to achieve."). It is sometimes used as a place name, including major cities such as La Paz, Bolivia.

What does la sanchita mean in Spanish?

'Sancha' is the feminine version of 'Sancho' (as in 'Sancho Panza', Dom Quixote's page), and is the short form of 'Alexandra'. 'Sanchita' is the diminutive of 'Sancha' and means 'little Sancha'. If 'Sancha' equals 'Sandy', 'Sanchita' might be, say, 'Sandikins' It also has a broader meaning as 't (MORE)

What does la tapatia mean in spanish?

TAPATÍO, A , a person from "Jalisco", Mexico; referred to Jalisco La Perla Tapatía, ojos tapatíos (beautiful and big brown or black eyes) .