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"Pegasus Tattoos - While the horse remains one of the most popular animal tattoo designs, the winged horse Pegasus stands out as a particular favorite with equine tattoo enthusiasts. Not enough for some people the beauty, grace and speed of the ordinary horse, they must add wings and magic and stories of Gods to the tattoo - we speak of course of Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology. The birth of this mythical winged steed went something like this -- the Greek hero, Perseus, son of Zeus, slew the fearful Medusa with his magical sword, and from the blood gushing from her neck emerged the wild and magnificent Pegasus. Poseidon (Neptune), god of the Ocean, was Pegasus' father. It was Pegasus who carried Perseus to rescue Princess Andromeda when she was chained to the dragon-guarded rock. Hero and Princess married, and together with Pegasus they became a constellation of stars twinkling in the heavens. As it says in the 5th century B.C. Greek lyric -- "Pegasus dwells in the ancient stalls of Zeus upon Olympus." It's not surprising that other heroes coveted the fearless flying Pegasus, but capturing such a wondrous creature required divine intervention. When Bellerophon, another son of Poseidon, pleaded to the gods for help in taming Pegasus, it was the Greek goddess, Athena who provided Bellerophon with the necessary golden bridle. Legend tells of Pegasus drinking at the well when he was captured, while some say it was Athena herself who tamed Pegasus and brought him to Bellerophon. Pegasus then carried Bellerophon on a mission to rid the countryside of the people-slaying, fire-breathing, lion-headed Chimera. With that mission accomplished, Pegasus was steered heavenward by his grateful hero, but a gad-fly infuriated Pegasus and he tossed his rider, sending him back to earth. It is said that the fly was Zeus' dirty work, since he did not favour Bellerophon. Pegasus continued his riderless flight skywards, and was welcomed by Zeus into the realm of the gods to become their divine steed. As the one who delivered Zeus's thunderbolts, Pegasus could be seen thundering fearlessly across the skies. Pegasus is also connected with the Nine Muses and stories that describe the creation of a gushing spring on Mount Helicon. When Pegasus struck the ground with his hoof, water sprang from the rock, and the place became the inspiring well of the Muses. One legend has Pegasus striking the rock because he was thirsty. Here is one horse who took himself to water and drank. As a tattoo symbol, Pegasus represents much of what a Horse does, loyalty, stamina, endurance and speed, but with the added dimensions normally associated with Wings and Birds -freedom, and a soaring spirit, mind and heart. Pegasus speaks to the poet in us, of the magical and mystical and the divine world of Gods among the clouds and Mount Olympus. Pegasus will carry us to new heights of imagination, inspiration and aspiration."
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