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An alternative is a choice between two possibilities, the other possibility from one already posited, or a situation which allows a mutually exclusive choice between two or more possibilities.

As an adjective, "alternative" can mean "outside of the mainstream", such as alternative medicine, alternative music.
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Alternative means something with other options available to it. ex: Any alternative ideas guys for our business.
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What does alternative sources of energy mean?

it means like energy sources that wont be used up . Energy sources that aren't fossil fuels; like wind power, water power, and look LOOK AT YOUR TEXT BOOK

What does the word alternate mean?

Alternate means to switch back and forth or take turns. Alternate: Someone who takes the place of another person.

What does alternation mean?

Alternation is the noun form of the base word "alternate". As a verb, "alternate" means "to swap between two or more positions or options on a regular basis" or "to change po

What does alternate means?

' Alternate ' means 'one following on from the other'. So 'alternating' current describes a current that flows first in one direction, then in the other. Not to be confused (a

What is alternate address mean?

an alternate address is a second address you may have or another address that you can be reached at.

What does alternative scheme mean?

"Plan B" is a great example: Having a second plan ready to go means having an alternative scheme. But it could also mean a "color scheme": i.e: An interior decorator should al

What word means an alternate word?

A word that means an alternate word, with the same definition is a synonym. Comment: Just for information, I live in England. We don't normally use the word "alternate" to me
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What does alternate methods of sex mean?

Foreplay is a method of sex but not actual intercourse like oral or "playing" or lightly tickleing and lightly biting the girls ear