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Eulogies is the plural of eulogy.

A eulogy is a speech (or occasionally a piece of writing) which praises someone, or something, highly.
They are usually about someone who has recently died.

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How do you write a eulogy?

All you need to do is to follow a certain dramatic structure:   * Escalate the feeling. A good speech starts by building up emotions, and setting the theme of the eulogy. O

What is a eulogy?

a formal expression of praise for someone who has died recently

What is an eulogy?

A Eulogy is a speech praising one's accomplishments or achievements that is spoken at someone's funeral or memorial service after they have passed away.

Who is Eulogy by Tool about?

Contrary to popular belief, the song Eulogy by the Art Rock/Progressive Rock/Alternative Metal band Tool is NOT about Bill Hicks, but is actually about L. Ron Hubbard (the fou

What is a sentence for eulogy?

He gave a moving eulogy at the funeral of his friend. Eulogy= a good speech; spoken or written praise of someone or something, especially of a person who has recently died.

What is the plural of eulogy?

The plural of eulogy is eulogies. As in "the eulogies at the funeral were emotional".