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Opined means you have expressed your opinion. It is past tense of opine.
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What does their mean?

  "Their" means "belonging to them." The homophone of there/their/they're    There refers  to some place.  Their is the  possessive pronoun of them or themselves.

What do you mean?

it doesn't say what they mean in the song

What does 'of' mean?

It means pertaining to, having a quality or characteristic, or in some cases from.

How do you use opine in a sentence?

"Opine" is an intransitive verb, and in all cases it can replace the phrase "give the opinion". It doesn't have a direct object. You can't opine someone, but you can opine abo

What is the meaning of does?

Does are the females in the deer family of mammals, individually called a doe (pronounced doe as in toe). The plural of doe can also be doe. Does is also the word meaning the

Meaning of where as?

It means (Instead). "I told her to do it this way, where as she insisted on doing it her own way and got it all wrong" "I told her to do it this way, instead she insisted on d

What does AM mean?

AM is an abbreviation of the Latin words ante meridiem  meaning before noon. It is used to designate the time from midnight  to noon.    It is also used in radio comm

What does AT mean?

  Answer     AT-stands for "Automatic Transmission"...or if your speaking of SUV's it can also mean "All Terrain".

What does by mean?

  In maths, it tends to be short for divided by, although this may not always be the case.

What is the meaning of can can can a can?

A wonderful bird is the pelican, His bill will hold more than his belican. He can take in his beak Food enough for a week, But I'm damned if I see how the helican.

What does ... mean?

It Pauses A Sentence Where It Is And Then It Means It Carries One About Minutes Or Hours Later. For Example If U Went To Bed And You Put ... U Could Carry On With You Being Aw

What does By Then mean?

"By then" means up to that time about which speaker is speaking. "By that time" refers to an action completed at the indicated time. Example : "I ran back from across the
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How do you fill sbi opining account form with sample?

One must first obtain the opening account form. After one has acquired the form, they then must fill it out in entirety with all documents attached. One will need a copy of th