What does seized in fee simple mean?

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That means real property was owned by the decedent at the time of her death, i.e., the decedent was seized in fee simple of certain property as follows . . . . When land is conveyed to a new owner the new owner becomes seized in fee simple of that property. It's an old common law term that comes from the word seisen which is the possession of a freehold estate. Seisen was used to contrast the lesser estate held by tenants in a village where the land was considered to be the possession of the lords who held the freehold estate.
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What does seize mean?

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What is a Fee simple land?

Is a high rise condo owned by "fee simple?" I thought it meant owning the dirt it sits on? If it is not fee simple what is it called? There is an association of course.

What do 'fee simple' and 'right of survivorship' mean on a deed?

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What is equitable fee simple?

Fee simple is the highest form of ownership of real property. Fee simple is absolute ownership. The owner in fee simple can sell the property or if they die while owning prope

What is fee simple with a joint tenancy?

Fee simple with a joint tenancy is essentially complete ownership of property by more than 1 person. The term "fee simple", also called "fee simple absolute", means that the o

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In order to understand fee simple defeasible and fee simple determinable we should understand what is meant by fee simple absolute at common law. Generally: Fee

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If you own land in fee simple (or in fee ) that means that you are the absolute owner of real property. You can sell the land or leave it to your heirs. If you die without

What is fee simple in state of Oregon?

Fee simple is the absolute ownership of land. The person who owns the land in fee simple can sell it during their life or leave it to their heirs when they die either by will

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Can you own a condo fee simple?

Read the governing documents to understand the boundaries betweenwhat you totally own and what you own in common with all otherowners. Often what you own totally is defined by