What does the last name Casarez mean?

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The distinguished Spanish surname Casarez is of toponymic and locative origin. It is of toponymic origin when it is derived from the name of the place of residence of the original bearer; it is of locative origin when it is derived from a natural or man-made feature of the dwelling place of the initial bearer. ( answer from google)
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What does the last name Rodriguez mean?

The Spanish surname Rodriguez, first found in Castile, means 'Son of Rodrigo'. There is a certain 'Juan Rodriguez Serrano' who voyaged with Ferdinand Magellan to the Phillipines, and commanded the fleet after Magellan's death there in 1521. The Ancient French origins of the this historic surname (MORE)

What does the last name Springs mean?

The English surname Springs is actually an ancient Anglo-Saxon namethat was given to a person who was a young or a very activeindividual. Earliest records are to be found in Suffolk. The familymotto translates as "Not for myself, but for my country."

What is the meaning of the last name Castonguay?

The children of a French-speaking person named Gaston Guay used his combined names for their last name. Sometimes it is Gastonguay; a variant is Castonguay. So it would appear that all Gastonguays/Castonguays are related.

What does last name Hidrogo mean?

i dont have the whole meaning of Hidrogo but Hidro- mean water come from spanish i think well if any1 finds out what Hidrogo means put ur answer on the web

What does the last name Perez mean?

the last name Perez means the rock in short phrases to explain it it means tough. Add-on by Ivette: The name Perez means "son of Pedro" (Peter). Just as the name Peter, Pedro comes from the word for "rock" (piedra) - thus you have the association with "tough." But actually, from what I understan (MORE)

What does the last name thornton mean?

The surname "Thornton", like many names of English descent, isderived from old settlement nomenclature. The "ton" indicates"town", while the "Thorn" is literally descriptive of thorns orperhaps a thorn bush, even a hedge. Thus, the name literally means,"Town of Thorns".

What does the last name of Halstead mean?

Halstead Name Meaning and History 1. habitational name from any of the various places bearing this name, for example in Essex (Haltesteda in Domesday Book), Kent, and Leicestershire, all of which are probably named from Old English h(e)ald 'refuge', 'shelter' + stede 'site', or possibly Hawstead (MORE)

What does the last name 'Renzema' mean?

Quote from the Related Link: "The name Renzema was taken by Harmen Martens Renzema at the village of Anjum in the province of Friesland in the Netherlands in 1811, when Napoleon (who occupied the country) ordered all people in the Netherlands to take a familyname, something most people didn't have b (MORE)

What does the last name church mean?

it means when you go to church every day and believe in god Not sure this explains the meaning that you are looking for, but this explains the origin of the church surname Locality. A house of Christian worship, derived from the old English chirch, and Scottish Kirk, Latin circus, and this fro (MORE)

What does the last name Pinsonneault mean?

Pinson is french for finch. The suffix "eau", "au", "ault" or "eault" origin from Normandy. Examples: Carbonneau, Boissonneault, Trudeau, Nault, Arsenault, Thibodeau, Bibeau, Parenteau, Dépelteau, Duranleau, Falardeau, Brault, Moreau, etc...

What does the last name Rylander mean?

Swedish: ornamental name possibly composed of the place name element ryd 'woodland clearing' + the suffix -ander , from Greek aner 'man', genitive andros . . German: variant of Reuland.

What does the last name Goodeaux mean?

The last name Goodeaux is made up of two parts. 'Good' means 'pleasant, pleasing', and 'eaux' means 'waters' in French. Therefore, Goodeaux means 'pleasant waters'.

What does the last name hinton mean?

An English habitational name from any of the numerous places so called, which split more or less evenly into two groups with different etymologies. One set is named from the Old English weak dative hean of heah 'high' + Old English tun 'enclosure', 'settlement'. The other has Old English hiwa (MORE)

What does bey mean after a last name?

El is a reference to God, has a semitic background and thus is found in many Islamic and Judaic names. Standalone or as a "prefex", it means "God". As a suffix, it means "of God". thus Jane Doe-El would be Jane Doe of God. This form shows a devotion to God. As a prefix, Jane Eldoe or Jane El Doe, it (MORE)

What does the last name Pohanka mean?

The name Pohanka originated in the village of Slovkovice which is located in Moravia, Czech Republic. In this village is found the Pohanka farm. When the surfs were freed, they would take on the name of the village where the lived or the farm they worked in. Pohanka means 'buckwheat' in Czech. Th (MORE)

What is the meaning of the last name Stahlnecker?

The last name "Stahlnecker" is a name, which most likely originates from a German-speaking country. "Stahl" is the German word for "steel". "Necker" is the name of a river located in Switzerland. It is possible that there is a connection between the origin of the name and the location of the river. (MORE)

What does the last name griggs mean?

This is one of the patronymic forms of the male given name Greg, itself a diminutive of Gregory from the Greek "gregorein", to be awake or watchful. Later, in its Latin form of "Gregorius", the name came to be associated by folk etymology with "grex" (genitive: "gregis") meaning "flock" or "herd", a (MORE)

What does the last name Lane mean?

Lane , as an English surname, basically implies that you lived near some form of a "lane." The French usage of Lane ia derived from a word meaning "Wool"-- hinting that the beared was involved in the wool trade. Last but not least: the Irish usage of Lane is from the Gaelic Ó Luan , wh (MORE)

What does the Last name Trambley mean?

Trambley (also spelled Tremblay, Trembleye, Trumbeley,Trymblay, Trembly, Trembley) comes from the old French 'tremblaie' which means 'a place planted with aspens.'

What does the last name Earles mean?

Earles originated in the 13th century when the count of earles went to the frest with his mothr in he fast lane of the arbirtaty and then e went to the orest in which he was the ack opf the college with his only frend sue.

What does the last name renn mean?

Well the first name Ren or Renn means water lily in Japanese. However I'm not sure if it would mean the same thing for a last name. I hope that helps.

What do the last name brown mean?

answer from ancestry.com Brown - English, Scottish, and Irish: generally a nickname referring to the color of the hair or complexion, Middle English br(o)un , from Old English brun or Old French brun . This word is occasionally found in Old English and Old Norse as a personal name or byname. (MORE)

What does the last name Smethurst mean?

This surname Smethurst is an English surname, originated from county Lancashire. The name Smethurst means "smooth (wooded) hill", from Old English " smeðe" meaning " smooth" , and " hyrst" meaning " (wooded) hill ".

What does the last name opio mean?

Opio is a Ugandan name that is used by some tribes in the east and north of the country. It is usually given to the first of twin boys.

What does last name Escamilla mean?

Escamilla is a Spanish surname. It is derived from the town with the same name - 'Escamilla'. It's located in the Gualadajara province of Spain.

Where can you search the meaning of your last name?

House of Names is a pretty good web site - see the related links below. . A useful reference for names in the US is the 3 volume reference book called Dictionary Of American Family Names and edited by Patrick Hanks. Oxford Press (2003) ISBN 0-19-508137-4

What does the last name ngo mean?

A Vietnamese last name, has chinese origins relating to that of Ng in Cantonese and Wu in Mandrin, all meaning corn the vegetable. About 1.3% of Vietnamese have this last name. Pronounced as "No" in english. Famous people having this last name include Ngo Dinh Diem a South Vietnamese President

What does the last name BUDA mean?

Buda is the western part of the Hungarian capital, Budapest It may also be used to refer to people who supposedly have unusual power with their sights and can transfer their spirits to other people possess them just by starring at them. It may also be referred to as "the enlightened one."

What does your last name Lankey mean?

"Lankey" is a variation of "Lanzo", a Germanic personal name meaning land or territory . Lankey is also associated with the Old French word lance (spear).

What does your last name mean Quintero?

From Wikipedia: Quintero is a Spanish surname originating in the Spanish region of Castile. The name comes from Quinto or Quinta which means "fifth". Quintero was a renter of Quintas (also known as Haciendas , Spanish for "Ranches"). The Quintero would rent one fifth of the land and would pay (MORE)

What does the last name cumberbatch mean?

Cumberbatch - English: habitational name for someone from Comberbach in northern Cheshire, named with the Old English personal name Cumbra (originally a byname meaning 'Cumbrian') or the genitive plural of Cumbre 'Britons' + Old English bæce 'stream in a valley'.

What does goode mean as a last name?

Recorded in several spelling forms including Good, Goode, Gudd, and Gudde, this is an early medieval English surname, but of pre 7th century Olde English origins. It has two possible origins. The first is from a nickname for a "good" person. This was someone who was pious and respected, although giv (MORE)