What does the name komal mean?

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What does the name Komal mean??

Komal is an ancient and traditional Indian name, most commonly taken to mean 'delicate' or 'gentle'. It is a popular female name as it contains many of the qualities that women admire.It is also rarely used as a male name. However, its meaning and qualities remain typically feminine. Pureness, innocence, beauty, sweetness of nature and gentleness are a few of those qualities.The name was brought over from Persia and is a popular Persian name also. Komal is a very rare name. "Komal" is also a Muslim Name which a few Muslims have. In Islam Komal means 'Beautiful'.
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What does komal mean?

Komal is the best name in the world, it means pretty delicate n cute. ^ I agree but a more detailed definition of the name is: Komal is an ancient and traditional Indian