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What does the word mean mean in algebra?
The word 'mean' means the sum of a set of numbers
divided by the number of numbers in a set.

for example:
There are 10 numbers in this set of numbers so you
divide the total by10
(97divided by 10)

ANSWER = 9.7

Ex: 2+6+3+1= 14 Divide by 4 since there are 4 numbers.

Ex: 4+4=8
Now how many numbers are there?
There are 2 so divide the sum (8) by 2 equaling 4.

Another explanation:
1: There is a group of numbers. Add all numbers for the sum or total.
2: Divide by how many numbers you added.

Tip: Another word for mean is average.
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What does the U symbol mean in algebra?

The U symbol means "union". A union of two sets means that the distinct elements of each set are combined together. For example, the union of {1,2,3} and {4,5,6} is {1,2,3} U

What does geyser mean in algebra?

Geyser in algebra means that you take out algebra, then you put in globe to replace it. then look up geyser, and there it is! It means exploding created drinking fountain!

What is the meaning to algebra?

Algebra comes from the Arabic "al-jabr" meaning "restoration". Algebra differs from arithmetic through the use of non-number symbols, such as x, y, and z. The "restoration" re

What does i mean in algebra?

i means imaginary number or what you would find the square root of to make -1

What does an exclamation mark mean in algebra?

The exclamation mark almost always indicates factorial, i.e. n! = 1*2*3*...*n. Therefore 4! would be 1*2*3*4 = 24. Additionally, the exclamation mark can indicate negation, e.

What does discrete mean in algebra?

In basic algebra a discrete variable is one that can only take on specific set of values. For example, if we were to say that X can only take on a whole value between 1 and

What do you mean by algebra?

  algebra involves equations with numbers a variables and your goal is to solve for the variable

What is the Meaning of algebraic equation?

  An equation cannot exist (has no meaning) without an '=' sign. Therefore, and somewhat simplistically, an equation MEANS that, for specific instances, the entities on bo

What does algebra mean?

Algebra is a branch of mathematics concerning the study of structures, relation and quantity. Together with geometry, analysis, combinatorics and number theory, Algebra is one