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It means that everything has two sides just like coin. On one side it is bad and on the other side it is benefitial to us. It is similar to "Every cloud has a silver lining".
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What does the bee do to you when it stings you?

It punctures your skin with a barb and then pumps venom through the barb into your body which causes pain and localised swelling. If this is done by a honey bee, the bee canno

Do honey bees sting each other?

  It can happen. They won't sting members of their own colony, but if bees from another colony try to enter the hive to steal the honey the guard bees will sting them. A

What happens to the honey bee after it stings someone?

  What happens to a bee after it stings someone depends on whether it was able to pull the sting out of the victim. If it can, the bee will just fly away and no harm comes

Why do bees sting?

Bees sting for the same reason that wolves bite and horses kick. It is their defence mechanism; their means of protecting themselves and their hive.

How do bees sting?

  they contract muscles in their thorax, and the stinger comes out and they press down and they sting.

Is it possible to die of too many bee stings?

Yes it is. If we ignore the case where the victim is hypersensitive to bee venom, where one sting can prove fatal, it is not possible to say how many stings it would take to k

What is the meaning of Ben Franklin's quote Honey is sweet but a bee has a sting?

Ben Franklin is trying to say you may want it but there are  consequences. You are going to try and take a bee's honey but you  will be stung. I guess he was trying to say s

Why do bees sting you if they die after they sting?

Honey bees sting only as a last resort to protect against what they perceive to be a threat to the colony, and yes, stinging is the honeybees death sentence. But wasps and hor

How does a bee sting?

  The worker bee's sting is similar to egg laying organs. The stinger is located in the chamber end of the Abdomen, only sharp pointed shaft is protruded in to the person.

What does it mean to dream that bees sting you?

Being stung by bees represents feeling stung in life this could be by a loved one or an employment situation. Some say that it could also mean there is bad luck awaiting you,

What is spiritual meaning of bee-sting in the morning?

A bee sting is usually painful but harmless apart from in those  that are allergic where it may cause an anaphylactic shock, bees do  not usually sting unless they are feeli

Can you desensitize yourself from bee stings by eating local honey?

Eating honey probably won't affect sensitivity to bee stings, but many people say eating local honey has helped with hay fever, asthma and eczema. There is no documented proof