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Web-based software is either software that is installed from and run on the internet, you go to a web site instead of installing and running the program on your (local) computer.

It can also refer to the output, such as a database, being stored on a location on the internet.
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What do you mean by software?

Instructions written by programmers to make a computer do what they want it to do is called software. The parts of the computer that you buy and have sitting on your desk, are

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What is mean a software?

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What is a web based software program?

You can create basic computer programming code with Haxic (www.haxic.com) . There is a tutorial on how to use it on YouTube. If you want there is an option to download it,

What is a web based software?

It is software that runs on the internet rather than something you install on your computer.

Example of web-based software?

Any aplication made to be used as a tool to improve the workexperience that doesn't require any downloads. Examples: GoogleCalendar, Zoho Documents, Grooveshark, Google Notebo

What is web-based application software?

3d graphis http://www.unixbuzz.com/2012/03/17/pondicherry-university-application-admission-notification-2012-13/ http://www.unixbuzz.com

A web-based software program is a?

Web based applications runs on browsers and we can access it remotely from anywhere in world. You may find some terrific web based business applications on http://awebdesk.com
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What's an example of web based software?

CNET is a great technology resource to use in looking up product information. This site will offer information on price, performance and rating for many web based software pro
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Some web-based softwares are Downloaded Online Game Clients, Quicken, Skype, Installed Instant Messengers, Ventrillo Voice Chat or any other types of software that you can dow

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