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What else can you do if you have a very dirty above-ground 21-foot pool and you've vacuumed it scrubbed the sides and shocked it several times but the water is still cloudy and greenish in color?

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First, take a sample of the water to your local pool dealer. It could be that your algaecide isn't a high enough strength. You may have to add it and run you filter for 12 hrs X 3 days. Change your sand in your sand filter.
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If there is brown or mustard-colored stuff at the bottom of your pool and you've tried to vacuum it but it is still there is there anything you can put in the pool to get rid of it?

If it appears to be stuck or growing to the bottom in spots, Let the PH of your pool get a little high Then take a peice of PVC pipe long enough to reach the spot and so you c

What can you do if you have shocked your Intex above-ground pool several times but your water is still green?

  i shocked my pool several times and it is still green. come to find out that the leaves that had been falling in my pool were eating up the the chlorine level. do you ha

If you had algae scrubbed the pool added algaecide shocked balanced clarified your water and it was still cloudy Then you upped the pH and it didn't stay that way.How do u clear the water up?

  Answer   You need to be more specific in your questions. "upped the pH" -- What were your pH readings? Did you add soda ash or similar product to raise the pH? Y

When using sink and sweep for pools will your water still be cloudy until you vacuum it?

I just did this yesterday, and I do it every time I open my pool. Usually I have green algae blooms formed from my pool being closed for the winter. This use to scare me, I

If you have shocked added soda algaecide and clarifier to an 18x36 inground pool and my water is still cloudy and light green what now?

  When you get desperate the thing to do is flocculate.   # Get a good flocculant from the pool shop  # stop the Filter and set it to waste  # Cast the flocculant o

Why is the swimming pool water cloudy and greenish?

  It sounds like you have a problem with algae Try shocking the pool and adding an algaecide. While you are getting the chemicals you need at the pool shop take in as ampl