What exactly is charrizo sausage?

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Chorizo is a sausage made from pork and red peppers, paprika and white wine. Depending on which country the sausage is made in determines some of the ingriedents. Like in Mexico chilli peppers are used. The sausage is cured or smoked. It can be sold either cooked or uncooked. It is made in Italy, Spain and Mexico. Normally bought cooked from any good deli counter. It is a nice tasty sausage that thinly sliced goes well on a cold meat platter. It can also be eaten fresh straight from the deli counter.
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What is a sausage?

Answer . To help answer this question, I consulted my trusty cook-book, "The All-Purpose Cookbook, Joy of Cooking" by Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker in 1964.

What are in sausages?

Usually meat and ... stuff. What kind of meat, and what the "stuff" is, varies extremely,though most sausages are made of some kind of cow meat and/or somekind of pig meat an

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Why is a sausage called a sausage?

Sausage comes from the Latin word salsus , meaning "salted", via the Vulgar Latin form salsicus and Norman French saussiche .

Why is the sausage called sausage?

The word sausage comes from the latin phrase 's'ecreage' translating literally to long cut of meat. therefore we English translate it to sausage x

How did the sausage get its name?

The sausage got its name from Falun, the city from where itoriginates, after being introduced by German immigrants who came towork in the region's mines.

Are sausages bad for you?

I personally think that they are pretty fatty. So have a maximum of 2-3 sausages. My mother always used to tell me not too eat sausages like they are fat free and stuff. ( it

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Frosty sausage is a production of films created by...Trent Parry and Blake Wilson to make people laugh...and it works

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