What goes first Longitude or Latitude?

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Latitude first, Longitude next. Why? By convention, it's the IMO standard. There are no "landmarks" when out on the high seas, so a universally understandable method of reporting location is a must, for both those seeking help and those willing/able to provide help. Background: Beginning in 1958 a world-wide effort to simplify SAR operations on the high seas took effect. Called AMVER, it's a voluntary, computer-based, global position reporting system for ships that rescue center(s) might contact in an emergency. {The closest ship will be contacted and asked to help.} To avoid confusion, a standard was developed for all ships to report their specifics: Who, what, where, speed, course, medical personnel available, and more. Since SAR operations might be cnducted over land or on the seas, and might involve different military units as well as civilial resources (ALL available resources are contacted when the cry for help goes out) an army helicopter pilot needs clear/understandable communications with a Coast Guard vessel, Naval helicopter or a police department - and it's sometimes a situation where two or more countries using different languages might be involved. Having an agreed standard removes confusion. Check the Related Link and you'll see the form used for reporting. IMO = International Maritime Organization SAR = Search And Rescue AMVER = Automated Mutual assistance VEssel Reporting system. source: http://www.amver.com/imostandard.htm
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What comes first longitude or latitude?

Coordinates are given with the degree of latitude first, follow bythe degree of longitude. For example, New York City lies at about41 degrees North, 74 degrees West.

What comes first in latitude and longitude?

Latitude generally comes first, but I have seen it written with longitude first. As long as you have labeled the directions (north or south, east or west) it really doesn't ma

Do you write longitude or latitude first?

Latitude is typically written first. But it makes absolutely no difference, as long as you clearly identify which is which when you give a set of coordinates.

Who first used latitude and longitude?

Latitude and longitude was first suggested by the Greek astronomer Hipparcus in about 300 B.C.E. In 225 B.C.E. the astronomer Eratosthenes widespread the use of the grid syst
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Does it matter if you list longitude or latitude first?

-- If your numbers are going into a computer, then it matters,because they're stupid, and if you don't give them what they expect, they become bumfuzzledand they return garbag
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What is stated first latitude or longitude?

Latitude is given first, as in 27°N 112°E. ===== -- If you're communicating the coordinates to people, then itreally doesn't matter, just as long as you clearly indicate