What happened during the early years of the American colonies that helped the US become the nation you are today?

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During the 8 years of Ronald Reagan's presidency the what happened to the US national debt?

After four years of Reagan's first term (1981-1985) the US National Debt had risen by $650 billion (British 'thousand million'). As a comparison, this four-year amount is $100

What happened during Hitler's early years?

Hitler was born in austria. he applied for art in the main university but he got rejected. his father was rich and his mother was a Jew. he became homeless and it was then he

Who was not an outstanding American leader during the nations war years?

Mr. Magoo and Mickey Mouse. I know you want a real answer but I don't know which kind of leaders you mean or which wars you are talking about. I would say our worst leader dur

Early American and Colonial literature?

Typically, works of Colonial literature tended to focus on eithertrue accounts of actual events, or works that were intended toglorify God. Some of the notable writers of that