What happens to items on your credit report after seven years?

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Generally, after seven years most information must be deleted from your credit reports with the exception of bankruptcies which can be reported for up to 10 years.
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  • Most derogatory items, such as late payments, collection accounts and charge offs, fall off seven years from the DATE OF FIRST DELINQUENCY. And, as alluded to in the other response, there are certain items, such as bankruptcy filings, which can be legally shown for ten years from the date of discharge. Some items, such as unpaid tax liens, student loans and child support obligations have no statute of limitations and can legally be shown on your credit report forever. They will show for 7 to 10 years from the date they are paid, or the date of their legal disposition. Positive credit history can also be shown on your credit report for more than 7 years. Since it is simply good credit history, there is no need to worry about something old and positive that shows.
  • So what happens if you have an ivestigation done on the account. I have seen where they will then change the date of last activty to reflect the entry. So what can be done at that point. The seven years just keep going on and on. Since the 7 years is from the DATE OF FIRST DELINQUENCY, last activity does not change the allowable time on your credit report.
  • To the point regarding investigations, it can happen when an investigation takes place, the collection agency or creditor will refresh the account, and 7 years will just keep on going. This just happened to me with a library late fee from three years ago that I didn't know about until I recently found it on my Experian credit report. So I did an investigation because I didn't know what it was and it brought the account current. Because of that, I just paid it, although I wish I would have known three years ago; the infamous seven years now starts over again. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. I Restate - It is from the DATE OF FIRST DELINQUENCY. So even if you're young, check ALL THREE credit reports every year! I only used to check one, and in this case the library only reported to Experian. Shortly the right to obtain all three reports will be free for everyone in the U.S. so make sure you take advantage of it!
  • Disputing or investigating items on your credit report do not cause them to "go on" for another 7 years. The length of time derogatory information may show in your credit file is established by the Fair Credit Reporting Act at 7 years. The law was amended in 2003 to give a strict formula by which this date is established and to force Data Furnishers to identity it within 90 days of reporting the account (as a collection or charge off). This date may not be displayed on the format that a consumer sees, but it is in the file itself and can be requested from any Credit Reporting Agency. If a creditor were to change THIS DATE, it would be a violation of the FCRA. The term for this offense is "re-aging". Disputing and investigating items does cause the tradeline to be "updated". The date any account was last reported to the bureaus is the date that causes a deduction in credit scores. This may be the source of confusion. Updating an account because of a dispute, investigation or payment is not illegal, as long as the "date of last activity" does not change. Updating an account does not cause it to remain another 7 years.
  • I just want to remind people that when you receive a letter from your creditor that offers a one, last time solid payment, to pay off the debt, remember that it does NOT wipe away that debt history on your credit report. I was so amazed because they made me an offer, but when they sent me the offer "form" it was so shallow it wasn't even signed by an official! It was just initialed and even the letter heading looked tacky. The credit agency said they had no other "form" available. I told them over the phone that I thought I should show it to a lawyer first and the main man "Zeke" from California who handled my account got so upset he threatened to call off the "whole deal" and then immediately hung up on me. I then went to the Internet and found many other complaints against this NCO Financial Institution and many other NCO co. across the nation. So, I'll just keep on paying my present monthly payment of $25.00 for a hospital bill that I had missed 2 payments on due to unemployment and forget any future "deals" with NCO because they are what they are...and it's not good.
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Do you have to pay a debt that has fallen off your credit report after seven years and what are the consequences if you do not pay?

One answer From my recent knowledge, it is not 7 years it is 5. And no, once it is not reported for 5 years you do not have to pay it and you can request it be removed. But if they update your credit bureau, you have to pay it within that 5 years again, so if it is an old debt but they keep updatin (MORE)

Will collection accounts be taken off your credit report seven years after they appeared?

Answer . Derogatory information, like collection accounts, can legally appear on a consumer's credit report for seven years from the date of last activity according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This has nothing to do with when the account was first reported, or last paid.\n. \nHowever, som (MORE)

If an agency is trying to collect an item that fell off your credit report after 7 years will it go back on your report if you refuse to pay?

It MAY. The practice of re-inserting derogatory information, like collection accounts, onto consumer's credit files is one of the reasons the Fair Credit Reporting Act was amended last year. That amendment, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT) set firm rules for establishing the DLA (MORE)

Should items included in and discharged from ch13 bankruptcy still be on credit report after 7 years has passed?

Answer . The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows information on accounts (what you referred to as "items") to remain for 7 years plus 180 days from the last time the account was paid on time immediately preceding the collection, charge off, or bankruptcy (whichever applies). So, in general, the ans (MORE)

Will items listed after the discharge date due to mistakes by the credit companies affect the 7-10 year removal of bankruptcy from a credit report?

Answer . As far as I know, nothing affects a Chapter 7 bankruptcy's removal from a credit report after 10 years from the date on which the bankruptcy was filed: once 10 years elapse from the filing date, the Chapter 7 should be removed from the report.\nPlease note that nothing in this posting or (MORE)

When does the seven year mark to remove negative history from your credit report start?

Answer . It begins from the time a late payment was made or when the account is remanded to a collection agency. Some collection agencies will update the reporting status on an account, thereby keeping an account active and extending the expiration date. This is not legal and the consumer should (MORE)

How do your remove item or items from credit report?

Answer . \nYou cannot remove items from you credit report. What you can do if you feel that some thing on it is not right or should not be there at all, is write to your local credit bureau explain what is wrong and send them some proof. This may take a while, you must have some kind of proof. (MORE)

How do you write a letter to a credit reporting agency to get them to remove items from your credit report?

Answer . \nThe three major credit reporting agencies are:\n. \ntransunion\nexperience\nequifax\n. \nYou can just go to their web sites and request a credit report (usually free or very cheap) and once you get it, just write corrections right on the report ...\n. \nthen send it back to them wit (MORE)

If you pay a charged-off account does it stay on your credit report for another seven years?

Answer . It will probably still show up as a late pay, but that is far better than a write-off. Before you pay it off tell them that you got into a little of a financial bind and couldn't make payments but now that you can you would like them to remove any indication that you paid late in exchang (MORE)

If there are items on your credit report that were not included in your bankruptcy how do you add them?

Answer . \nHaving a bankruptcy reopened to include debts is very difficult, it is usually only allowed if the BK has been ruled a "no asset" case. The ususal reason for reopening a BK, is non-exempt assets have been found and are of enough value to liquidate and the monies be used to repay credit (MORE)

What happens to bad credit after seven years?

Answer . Typically, specific accounts will not be reported to the credit agencies after seven years, whether in good or bad standing. However, check your credit reports periodically. Not only is this a good idea to prevent fraudulent activity, but sometimes accounts continue to be reported afte (MORE)

Does an unpaid judgment come off your credit report in seven years?

No, judgments typically remain on your credit report for 7 years. I work in the industry and can see judgments on peoples credit that have been there since the late 70's. It is all public record and will never complete go away until a satisfied judgment is certified and recorded with your local cour (MORE)

What happens to your credit report when you marry?

Answer . \nyou both show up on the credit reports as soon as you purchase the first ting together you will start a joint credit history that is very inportaint which will determin what you pay for your home,auto insurance, credit cards and loans,every time you want to buy somthing and are not ab (MORE)

What date is used for items to be removed from credit report?

It will be removed from your credit report 7 years after they have made contact with the account holder. Example: when they mail you bills, if they don't get it back as return-to-sender, that's a contact because they are assuming that they didn't get it back because that is the address of the accoun (MORE)

Does your credit score go up when entries on your report are removed after seven years?

Answer . No longer is the day that after 7 years they just disappear into thin air. A company, depending on the amount you want to borrow or the rules they have for credit checks can now go back up to 20 years. Yes, as you improve your credit, the score does go up but your credit will be looked (MORE)

How do you dispute items on your credit report?

1. Get a copy of your current credit report. (I have used www.freecreditreport.com which can provide all reports from all 3 credit agencies for around $40.) 2. Write up letters to each collection agency asking why each account was opened along with the account balance. 3. Get the letter certified, c (MORE)

How long do negative items remain on credit report?

most things stay on for 7 years if they are accurate. Bankruptcy can stay on it upto 10 years leins are 7 years from date paid. here's a break down http://www.creditinfocenter.com/creditreports/cr_time.shtml

What 10 items are on a credit report?

Identifying Information. . Your name, address, Social Security number, date of birth and employment information are used to identify you. These factors are not used in credit scoring. Updates to this information come from information you supply to lenders.. Trade Lines. . These are your credi (MORE)

Can you remove Negative Items from your credit report?

Yes. If you can find any item in the trade line that is factually incorrect or that the reporting entity is unable or unwillingly to verify then by law the repository must and usually does remove it or correct it. You must specify which, as in if you want it corrected or removed. Most importantly yo (MORE)

If the debt is seven years old and pay off how can you remove it from your credit report?

Negative information must be removed from your credit report after 7 years. The 7 years starts counting from the date the debt most recently became delinquent. For example, if you took out a car loan on Jan 1, 2000 and made your payments on time until you missed a payment on Jan 1, 2004 then t (MORE)

How do I remove a collection item on my credit report that was disputed but not removed?

Only the collection agency or the credit bureaus can remove a collection off a credit report. You can negotiate the removal of the collection off the credit report upon final payment of the debt owed. Some collection agencies have policies against this, some don't. You can also redispute it to the c (MORE)

Once the seven years is up and the Bankruptcy is no longer on your credit report then you have the issue of a big gap in years on your credit report how do you handle this?

The "seven year" thing is somewhat obsolete for a few reasons. 1. Chapter 7 stays TEN years, not 7. Chapter 13 stays seven. 2. Many, many lenders will offer credit before that time frame is up. In under a year from discharge, some subprime credit card companies might offer you a small card. After a (MORE)

What is to dispute an item on your credit report?

When you dispute an item on your credit report you write a letter to the company and tell them what is wrong and why. This can be very hard to get done because often the credit reporting companies ignore these letters. It can be as simple as an wrong address listed on your report or to something mor (MORE)