What herbs grow faster then flowers?

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peppermint grows like a weed and overtakes the area.
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Do vegetables or flowers grow faster?

Answer . All vegetables start out as seeds from the fruits of flowers that the vegetables themselves make. The flowers grow very fast in their rush to become pollinated in

Which grows faster a flower or a fruit?

It depends of the kind of the flower and the fruit.Normaly the flower grows faster because it doesn't need very much sun or too much atention.The fruit is more difficult becau

How do you get your flowers to grow faster on Moshi Monsters?

The amount of growing time for seeds on Moshi Monsters depends on the health and happiness of your pet monster. If your pet monster has full health and happiness, then it will

What flowers grow faster?

I really dont know but that is a good answer maybe this summer I should see it and try that experiment but that is a good queston though thanks for answering that though....

Do flowers grow faster with salt or not?

flowers do not grow faster with salt water because if it is to salty or u put to much in the plant it will die so i think it will grow faster in regular water.

Can a flower grow faster by music?

this isn't a proved theory but it never hurt anyone to try it. Mythbusters did an episode on it where they tested the theory, they tried different types of music and also trie